10 Go-To Resources about Magento

Magento is an excellent open source platform for the retailers and store owners who want to establish, build and optimize their online store with a little effort. Magento is written in PHP and is widely used for its extensibility, openness, and flexibility. It is the primary e-commerce platform which is offering over two lakh online retailers a perfect base for their online marketplace. It provides the online traders with a flexible shopping cart system along with various themes and content functionalities. Here are the ten best go to resources about Magento.

1. Social Media and Discussion Forums:

Tutorials are not enough to get assured about your capabilities and therefore, learning thorough tutorials sometimes does not prove to be efficient. Magento is a useful online marketing expansion which helps out the retailers to optimize, plan and build their online channel without any hassle. Social Media and Discussion Forums are the perfect platform and one of the best go-to resources if you want to learn something about Magento. It is totally based on social media and it can help you to maintain your pace of your work. With the likes of Stack Overflow, Reddit, and Quora, you can ask for, help regarding anything, in this case, Magento.

2. The Magento Community – Magento Development Blogs and Articles:

Magento is the most famous ecommerce platform providing a base for all the ecommerce marketers to develop certain ecommerce applications. Therefore, Magento is comprised of a huge community where developers write articles and blogs about Magento and how to use it. You will find everything about Magento there. These articles and blogs are very informative and if you want to gain, knowledge about anything or want some relevant tips on Magento, these blogs are exceptionally supportive. Moreover, these blogs and articles provides with certain tricks and shortcuts for using specific applications, and if you want to know everything from the inside and outside about Magento, this is your go to resource.

3. Magento User Guide:

For the beginners who are new to the ecommerce platform and Magento, Magento User Guide is an outstanding guide. The beginners mostly struggle on the first phase that is; the setting up a Magento store. For this, the developer has to go through a painful coding process and if not written properly, he/she has to sit there and go through all the code again. The user guide avails the developers with some smart tricks and methods on how to set up the Magento platform without much of a coding. This user guide will introduce you with some of the basic concepts of Magento which will be very helpful in the future also.

4. Megabase:

This is another Magento community operated by the Magento developers. This, in particular, is a blogging website similar to the Social Media and Discussion Forums where you can avail all the blogs and articles about operating Magento. For the novice Magento developers, this is a useful site where it provides with all the answers to all their questions. The articles and blogs on how and why are provided by the Magento developers who are using this platform for some time now. You can also gather shortcuts and develop tricks once you gather all the required information. Not only articles and blogs, but Megabase also consists of Magento tutorials which you can use it for detailed understanding.

5. Developer Knowledge Base:

Those who are new to Magento or those who are using it for some time, this is an excellent platform for every Magento Lover. It is a popular and extremely useful go to resource about Magento. The Developer Knowledge Base is comprised of eight chapters explained deeply. It can sharpen your Magento developing skills as it features multiple Magento hacking techniques along with all the theoretical explanations on how things work. If you want to develop your Magento skills and then this is the tool you must use.

6. Magento Documentation:

Yet another reliable tool for Magento Developers, Magento Documentation provides the users with a detailed explanation of every major function and components of Magento. You will begin with a how-to guide and then slowly; you will move on to the next chapters. The tool provides with simple and effective functions which make the development process easy and subtle. Moreover, Magento Documentation also provides the users with an extra set of a code book which consists of wide range of Magento codes for the development. These codes are helpful when dealing with complex programming.

7. The Official Magento User Guide:

This is the official Magento user guide and a perfect base for those looking to develop their online channels. It is beneficial for both the store owners and Magento developers. This user guide will provide you with detailed and step by step methods to build your own online store with all the necessary configurations handled. From installation to populating your online store with products, accepting the payments and more, this guide is written with a friendly approach to making it simple and useful.

8. Magneto Stack Exchange:

This is a perfect site for those who are known with the functionality of Magento. The Magento developers can ask their queries and solutions for the problems they are facing with. This is basically a question and answer site where the Magento developers can get the answer to their queries by the expert and helpful people who work with Magento and CMS on a daily basis.

9. Themeforest:

This tool is not for the beginners as it is comprised of themes for the ecommerce websites. If you are a Magento developer, then this tool is very helpful as it can provide you with a wide range of themes which are customizable, responsive and stylish. You can browse and look for a specific theme you liked as Themeforest’s theme library is reasonable the biggest library.

10. Yireo:

This is a special tool for Magento users as it provides with special tutorials and training for Magento. Moreover, it offers numerous development services also.