5 Killer Quora Answers on Web App

Businesses all over the world heavily rely on the power of web applications so much that the internet usage has changed the way businesses are run. Web applications not only help in online shopping, but also in sending emails, storing data and accounts and dealing with clients worldwide.

So basically what is a web application?

Web Applications are nothing but computer programs that allow users to perform certain tasks using the internet and this is achieved by using various web technologies and web browsers.

How does a web application work?

First the user sends an online request to the web server. This request is sent through the application’s user interface or through any web browser.

Now the request sent to the web server is forwarded to the relevant web application server.

The web application server performs the user requested task. The user requested task might be anything like queries or something related to the database. So the result is now generated by the web application server.

Then the reverse travel starts. This generated result is sent back to the web server from the web application server.

The web server sends this requested information back to the user.

The user can see the information on the display and it appears on the same application user interface or the web browser, whichever means the user had utilized.

Languages used in designing web applications:

Web applications have a combination of server-side programs and client-side programs. The client-side programs are usually written in HTML or JavaScript to support different kinds of web browsers. The server-side script includes ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or ColdFusion.

What are the examples of web application?

The web browser applications are office software tools like spread sheets, word processors and presentation tools.

Then you have the online shopping sites, video and photo editors, file scanning and email sending through Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Interactive websites are also good examples of web application. Sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Quora are examples of web application which has user interface.

The various web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or the Mozilla Firefox are also examples for web applications.

How to develop Web applications?

There are many open source software available and these provide a framework so that it becomes easy for the developers to design the application without having to worry about the basic designing. This gives them ample time to plan other unique features to be included in the web applications. Also it keeps their program safe from hackers because the errors in a program are reduced when you make use of ready frameworks. Examples of web application frameworks are Ruby on Rails, Django ,Symfony and CodeIgniter.

Heard of the website Quora which is an example of a web application?

Quora is basically a question and answer website where you or for the matter, anyone can ask a question and get an answer for it.

Questions vary on all topics and you have the best to outright weird answers. Sometimes the questions are as silly as the answers. If you have any doubts or queries and any other website doesn’t give you a satisfactory answer, then land on Quora.

Different people have different solutions to a problem. That is the best thing about Quora. So take for example, you have queries regarding web applications, then put the question on Quora. You get answers from different people and also they provide with links to your answers so that you get your doubts cleared.

Do you want to know the 5 best killer Quora answers on web apps?

Here below are some best answers if you need to resolve your queries on web apps:

1. About how to approach building web applications:

When you decide on building a web application, how do you start on it? What is the framework you need to build before you start on the programming part? Here below is the link to that answer on Quora. The best answers are provided here.


The answers provide you with a very good insight into how programmers start with their planning strategy when building a web application and the points to be considered accordingly.

2. On choosing the best web application language:

So when there are so many web application frameworks available how do you go about selecting the software language? There will be many developers who are learning client-side programs as well as server-side programs. Any queries related to it can be posted on Quora.


This link provides you with answers to the most popular web application programs available and why you need to use them.

3. When you are undecided on the database:

What database do you use for accessing the stored data? Have your doubts cleared here. You are sure to have no more questions or doubts after reading this:


It provides a hell lot of killer information about the advantages and disadvantages of using certain databases and which in particular can be used.

4. When security is a concern:

After writing programs for web applications how do you protect the application from security threats?


Here the answers are on how to get your web app protected from hackers and how to increase the security right from the basic level.

5. Which is the best web app or the best website:

What exactly do people look for in a web app or a web site? How do you know how to build a good website? Ask the question like the one below and find the answer for yourself:


So now you know what the things are that has to be taken into consideration when you want to design a web app.

Know that the answers will help you in designing good web apps or websites. Also they provide a lot of relevant information, some very quirky, some very smart and some very useful. All-in-all you have killer answers based on queries regarding web apps.

And if you still have doubts regarding this, Quora is here.

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