Android: 10+ Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

According to statistics, of the total smartphones users across the world, 82% of the market is covered with android. This indicates that a major chunk of the mobile traffic is gained through android. Looking at the numbers we can infer how our lives are revolving around that small device which we never forget to carry wherever we go. Be it setting an alarm to wake up, reading daily news updates, staying in contact with our loved ones as well as business colleagues, carrying official documents, keeping up with the social media, taking selfies and pictures or playing music, every activity involves a smartphone. And why not, after all it makes everything easy and accessible.

Though we make use of innumerable features of these android devices, we are always hungry for more to come our way and make life even easier. Let me tell you, there are still certain dominant features which are not widely known but are efficiently handy. I bet, once you go through this list, you would wish you had known them earlier.

1. Control Other Devices Using Android : 

Control Other Devices Using Android

Next time you misplace your TV or AC remote, no need to panic, just make use of your android device. With infrared blaster (or IR Blaster), your android can be transformed into a remote controller. You can choose from a wide range of apps from Play Store to change channels on TV or to set temperature of AC.



2. Access Android Device Remotely : 

Access Android Device Remotely

All android devices use Chrome as the default browser. So, you can access tabs open on your device in your PC and vice versa. Also, Chrome remembers username and password which helps you login through your device even if you don’t remember the password. All that is required is to stay signed in Chrome on both PC and Android.



3. Google With Screen Off : 

Google With Screen Off

Many android phones have the feature of OK Google which works as voice search. Although not all phones provides the off screen search feature, but most of them allows search from any screen if the screen is on. It uses hot-word “OK Google” to enable voice search.



4. Help Others To Return Your Device : 

Help Others To Return Your Device

Android lets you add your details and display on the phone screen. So the next time you lose your phone, someone, of course with good intentions will know how to track you down and return and return your precious device back to you.

Settings > Security > Show owner information on lock screen > type you info.



5. Tap To Share : 

Tap To Share

You sure have Bluetooth and Hotspot enabled sharing, but there is something to android. With Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled android devices, you can share content instantly by touching two devices. Apps, contacts, images, files, videos can be exchanged with just a tap. What more can you ask for!



6. Swipe Typing : 

Swipe Typing

Explore new typing experience with gesture typing feature of android. With Google keyboard, you can type your messages using just one hand by swiping your finger around the keyboard.




7. Create Memories : 

Create Memories

All android devices come with Google Drive and Google Photos inbuilt. This helps you save your images and videos to your Google account, emptying your device space and making it work efficiently. Just in case, you lose your device, you don’t need to worry about your memories as they are stored in Google and can be accessed from any place and at any time. Google Photos comes with a feature of creating memories using your images and videos, transforming them into slideshows, animations, albums and films.


8. Eye Protection : 

Eye Protection

Many android devices come with the feature which takes care of the health of your vision. Enabling eye protection mode filters out the short wavelength blue light, hence creating a soothing screen display which is gentle on the eyes, protecting your vision.



9. Use Gestures To Do The Basics : 

Use Gestures To Do The Basics

Android devices come with various inbuilt as well as customizable gestures by enabling this feature. You can take screenshot by swiping your palm across the screen. You can directly open camera by drawing O with your finger from the off screen. Similarly by drawing V, you can turn on flashlight.



10. Facial Recognition Lock : 

Facial Recognition Lock

With fingerprint unlock devices flooding into the market, not much is known about facial recognition lock. Android devices come with a feature of securing your phone using your face. Just take a selfie and hit Settings > Security > Screen Lock and choose Face Unlock. Your device is now impressively personalised.



11. Customize Dark Theme : 

Customize Dark Theme

With latest android versions, you even get an option of getting a do-it-yourself dark theme. Earlier version had the option of Invert Colours, where your screen reversed the colours giving it a different look. With this new feature, you can customise the screen according to your preferences.



12. Travel Easy With Android : 

Travel Easy With Android

With apps life Compass and Barometer, you can be sure of the direction and atmospheric pressure if you are an adventurous traveller with hiking and trekking as your passions. And if you are not as much of a traveller, but prefer to plan your trips well before travelling, then android offers you inbuilt Google Maps. Know the distance between two destinations, conveyance facilities, bus and train schedules and routes, save locations and addresses; find near-by restaurants, petrol pumps and also book cabs.


13. Gaming On : 

Gaming On

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then nothing else can beat the feeling of being able to compete with your friends in multiplayer gaming platform. Android understands your passion and hence introduces the Wifi hotspot feature, which enables you and your friends to connect and enjoy playing games together or against one another.



So, wasn’t I right? There are pretty amazing features which you didn’t know about. And now, as you are aware about them, go ahead and make full use of them. Regularise these hacks and make your android device even handier.

Whether you are a technocrat, traveller, gamer or house-maker, android always have something for you in the store. Explore new features every day. Use your smart-phone smartly.