The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Shopify

There are so many ways to run an online store, but you will find an all in one ecommerce solution with Shopify. Since the time it has been introduced, Shopify has improved greatly on several fronts.

Selecting a best e- commerce platform can have an immense effect on your business. It can expand your business by bringing in good opportunities.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that provides you everything right from setting up your business till to start selling your product. It also has a ‘buy button’. This function enables you to use Shopify as an inventory option and thus your customers can click to purchase anywhere online. Shopify provides a complete online store package to ease the work of the new business beginners.

How does it work?

Shopify is a very straight forward ecommerce platform. That is the very reason why it is the most opted. You have to go through the following process.

Select a plan that suits your budget and the features you need

Point the domain you purchased from the registrar to store on Shopify. You can even purchase from Shopify itself.

Select a design for your store. You can also use the Shopify designs and templates available by editing them.

Now add the products, content and payment options.

Benefits of using Shopify

In built speed and security for Hosting

If you are running an online store you have dual needs from your hosting:- 1) it needs to be streaming fast and 2) it needs high security if you are processing with credit cards.

Studies show that users wait only for 4 seconds for a site to load and the very 5th second they switch to the competitor. There is a high competition for the ecommerce sites.

Apart from high speed, you also need to route your client’s credit cards through multiple layers of security to comply with the PCI to process the credit card payment.

Shopify has all in one solution that will turn the business to your advantage. It pays huge amount to the security researchers for a hack proof system. It is a safe and legal. It is a publically traded company with a big investment in security and software engineering.

Therefore Shopify can take care of speed and security at a global platform. They provide 100% SSL, it keeps its site streaming fast and incorporates with the payment providers for better service and even the users do not have to wait for the page to load.

It has all the necessary features

If you are having your own e – commerce solution or else you are shopping for all in one solution, getting everything on an online store together is a little challenging task.

You will want properly integrated payments, a hassle free way to add and remove products, you will want to be able to customise and design the look of your store; and you’ll surely want and easy to implement analytics for tracking.

Shopify has all in one solution. It has all the features you need to run an online store with all the upgrade.

Amazing customer support

Customer support is very essential if you are running an online store. If you have built you store by yourself, you have no one to look back on except the developers and those unresponsive online forums; but with shopify – you have great feedback. They are fast, accurate and helpful.

Shopify has a vast data base emails, FAQ’s, chat support, phone support etc. with a practical knowledgeable reply.

If you are running an online store, having a customer support like the Shopify gives is like a backbone which keeps you standing in the competition.


An online store is useless if you don’t get a chance to show up. This is where marketing comes in picture – it is something that Shopify is outstanding at. Shopify doesn’t offer fancy marketing tool but they include the most essential things and they see to it that it is done well.

Shopify provides a quick and easy creation of landing pages for a marketing campaign. This is the best differentiating aspect between other all in one platforms.


A good web platform should atleast offer the following: 1) it should look out of the box and 2) one can improve it easily without engaging into a professional aid.

Shopify has this ability of providing a theme system. It has a bundle of unique themes you can select from. Moreover, Shopify makes available its theme system to its users so that the designer can customise it and make it the way you want as per your need. If you are the first timer than this theme system is of great help.

Add – Ons

Although Shopify has number of in- built features, but no platform can have all the features that a storeowner requires. To fulfil this requirement of the storeowners Shopify has taken a page from Apple, Facebook and Android to start an App store.

Now it provides all the core features that offer hyper specialised products to the developers to plug in flawlessly to Shopify.

Because of the Shopify’s app store you do not need to turn to a developer every time you want a new feature. It is all available on the store.

Moreover, Shopify has invested big time on it ‘buy button’. Although it is a little confusing to sell your product separately from your website but it provides flexibility for brands who have presence all over the web.

The app store of Shopify is a big boon for the store owners as the developers employed by Shopify constantly work bringing in new app and solve problems related to them.

Following are the reviews from some online storeowners on Shopify

  • Glam seamless hair extension

“Shopify is a platform that has best SEO tools that makes a huge difference. As it very important you should use it.”

  • Bedford

“Go and dig in Shopify extensive tools and apps. There are number of ways to enhance your existing store. Its apps will make your life easier as a business owner.”

“Whether you are a small company or a big company try and make use of all the shopify’s assets. The customer support, apps and themes will change the look of your store and turn into a million bucks store in very less time.”

“It will increase your sites page account by providing quality and informative content thus making it more valuable for the customers and in turn to the search engines.”


From the above reviews and benefits of Shopify we can conclude that Shopify is a very strong e-commerce platform for online shop builders.