Get Expert Guidance On PHP: 15 Tips For Easy And Thorough Learing

If you are a person looking for a job in the web based industry, then it it essential that you hone your skills about the various programming languages. This, however, does not imply that you master all the languages and codes, but it simply means that you should be well acquainted with the tools that are popular in the present world. PHP is one such programming language for web-based applications that is demanded most nowadays. This article provides an insight about PHP with 15 easy to understand and useful tips from the industry experts.

The first step towards learning any new thing, here PHP is to understand what does it mean and why it is used for. Going by the definition, PHP is the abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor that is used as a scripting language with HTML. Also, it is an open source code, i.e. it can be viewed by the public. The two main advantages, which are also the main reasons for the popularity of PHP are, firstly, it is easy to use, and secondly, it can be embedded in HTML which is the widely used language for web page and application development. Let us now state 15 easy expert tips about PHP.

1. Start With OOP

No, you read it right. People who lack the computer language and programming knowledge might want to conclude that OOP is the misspelled interjection for oops, but such is not the case. OOP or Object Oriented Programming Language is the basic foundation of all the languages. Recommended by almost all the experts, they advise the beginners to start with OOP before starting with PHP.

2. Have No Shame And Ask For Help

During the process of learning, doubts are inevitable. As teachers say, doubts are not the representation that you did not understand the topic, but they show how interested, concerned and attentive you are. So, the bottom line is doubts are good.

Hence, whenever you have a question, ask the experts; this would let you have a clear idea about the subject.

3. Google Is Your Savior

Although doubts are good and you must never hesitate in discussing them with your guide, still, it must not become your slogan and you must first try to answer your bizarre questions on your own. For this, Google is your companion. When in doubt, go through the topic once again, this gives you a different perspective on the topic. If you still face the problem, then google your question and get your answers.

When you bring the topic of doubt before your trainee without giving it a try to comprehend it on your own, this would mean that you are unprepared and lack the prime quality of hard work.

4. Get Your Hands On Other Open-Source Language And Projects

Before diving in PHP course, according to the experts from the industry, it is suggested that an idea about the open-source program proves to be quite helpful. You can search for open-source code based projects online, and then work on them. It also increases your chance of getting hired quickly by the software industry. It is because, companies prefer employees who have already worked on an open-source project.

5. Excel In Error Detection

As a programmer, it is important that you must know the art of bug-detection. The programs and applications are not short or simple; they are lengthy and tiring. It is common to miss out certain elements, tokens and labels while writing such long codes. Hence, while compiling you will get errors; these errors are easy to correct. However, the errors that lead to incorrect result are hard to determine. You need to be able to find such bugs in your program.

6. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Thinking about learning PHP is one thing, but actually starting the process is another. Many experts say that, without wasting much time, candidates interested in the computer application industry must start learning the language.

7. Give Yourself A Break

Experts detest the idea of a continuous workout with the language and computer; this will lead to fatigue and boredom from the work. Hence, instead working for extended hours, take breaks and refresh your mind.

8. Join A Group And Involve In Discussions

An ideal way to learn anything is getting yourself involved in a group that shares the same interest. There are many groups online that is based on PHP learning and PHP problem solving. You can discuss any number of coding problems in such groups and find an alternate and varied form of solution to the same.

9. Simple And Easy To Understand Codes

It is possible that other people might work on the code written by you. Hence, it must be written in simple and easy to understand format.

10. Optimizing The Data Storage And Memory Requirement Of Your Code

Since, nowadays PHP coding is used intensively for mobile based applications, therefore, such applications are desired to have low data and memory storage. This will make them efficient and congruous for the mobile phones.

11. Do Not Ignore The Security Factor

Security is a functional factor and cannot be put aside. Whatever code you write, mostly it would be for business and work purpose. It is highly recommended to write a code in a framework and environment that includes a security factor as well.

12. Calculating The Time Overhead

Programming language and computer codes involve time overhead. The time overhead decides the time that will be consumed by the program. The prior calculation of this needs to be done to have an idea about how fast or slow your program is.

13. Inbuilt Functions Of PHP

There are many predefined functions in PHP that let you skip the hard work of writing the long programs; for example, if you want to add 10 numbers, then, instead of writing the statement 10 times you can use a loop. Similarly, if you want to find whether the input is a number, or an alphabet, or a special character, then for this too there are functions that you can use instead of writing lengthy user defined function.

14. Dry Run Your Code

Dry Run is to code, what proof read is to the text. It is important that you dry run your program on paper, or prepare an algorithm or flow chart before proceeding with the actual coding.

15. Practice Makes A Man Perfect

Finally, whether it is PHP or any other thing, practice is evident. Practice will make you thorough with nuances of the language. Hence, code and practice a lot.