Hire Mobile Website Designer

To design your mobile website in beautiful responsive web design.

Hire Mobile Website Designer

Internet caters people who are used to getting what they want quickly and effortlessly. For your business to succeed you have to maintain a strong presence on the net, but staying relevant. It requires more than having a great website and being active with social media and in forums.

The use of mobile devices to access the web has opened up new fields for companies designing sites that cater these users. As more people use these devices exclusively traditional websites are being mirrored with sites for mobile computing. However, mobile website design is a different than traditional web design and different protocols are used.

Although you can use your current web designer to build your mobile site, there are a number of considerations you should look at prior to hiring a mobile website designer:


Just because you have a great traditional website doesn’t mean it will translate well into a decent mobile site.  There are a number of fundamental differences when it comes to designing mobile and traditional websites.
Some things which work well on traditional websites look terrible on a mobile site and you may have to make changes in the way that your site looks decent as well as functional.


As in every field, experience matters. Because mobile websites are different than their traditional counterparts experience in one field doesn’t necessarily translate to the other.
Even with similar skills being used, there are differences that must be learned prior to creating a quality mobile site. Your business is too important for you to be a test bed for internet training.


One of the major differences between mobile and traditional sites, traditional websites are great for having lots of content. You strive for comprehensive information and offering your visitors as much information as possible. Mobile sites on the other hand, are designed to offer a concise, easily accessed information retrieve quickly. Although the goals remain the same, the process you arrive there has changed.


Last but not least, load and access speed is critical. Mobile sites need to be very quick, not only to load, but also to access information.

Unless you are sure that your current website designer is qualified and understands the differences between traditional and mobile computing, going with a tried and professional mobile web design company, such as Webplanex ,will keep your business up and running and ready for the demands that mobile computing can place on your website. Webplanex has the experience to transform your current website into a true mobile site