How a Killer Mobile App Can Transform Your Business Reach

Gone are the days when businesses needed a website to expand their reach and to survive in the fiercely competitive business arena. Technology has taken competition to the next level.

The expansion of technology has made it possible to manufacture smart devices with superior capabilities at cost effective rates. This has made it possible for people from every class of the society, even a grocery vendor, to own and use a smart phone. This level of usability of smart devices is also an indicator towards the fact that technology makes even ‘smart’ devices easier to use.

  • Smart Phone Users Increasing At Galloping Speed

Affordability and ease-of-use has resulted in an increase, in the number of smart phone users, by the minute. Below is the statistics from which shows the projections for increase in the number of smartphone users which is going for grow from 1.5 billion in 2014 to around 2.5 billion in the year 2019; this is nearly 75 percent growth in a period of just five years.

image : – statista

Mobile phones have transformed into smartphones as their use has evolved beyond calling and SMSing. Now, they are not just used for making and receiving calls, but they are used on a higher scale. They have become part and parcel of user’s lives as they are important tools which help an individual in everything right from achieving their daily targets, forming habits, to designing their own closet.

  • Stunning Growth in The Number of Mobile Apps and App Usage

Now, what powers these smartphones are not just the functionalities in it. Smartphones are made smart by the useful applications which we use in our day-to-day life. Growth in mobile application development technology has led to the creation of number of mobile apps in various segments. Right from logging food entries to generating productivity reports, mobile apps do it all. There is a mobile app for every imaginable purpose under the sun.

Here are some stats on % of time mobile users spend on mobile apps.

percent time spent on mobile apps 2016

image : –  smartinsights

It is clearly visible from the given chart that out of the total time spent using mobile phones, 90 percent is being spent in using apps. Now some of the categories of apps such as instant messaging, and social media, have higher usage statistics. The given chart makes it clear that the highest percentage of time is spent after entertainment apps.

  • Mobile Application – The Ultimate Weapon

These mobile app usage trends are closely watched by businesses to capture the attention of existing as well as prospective customers. To ensure that you don’t get left behind in the race, it is indispensable for your business to have a mobile application. All these statistics, shown above, only indicate that mobile users are going to increase. At such times, ignoring this powerful platform would be a suicidal mistake.

A mobile app has become imperative for any business which wants to move ahead of its competitors and expand its growth. Mobile apps fuel business reach in a number of ways and contribute to the overall growth of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a mobile can positively impact your business reach.

  • Enhanced Visibility:

Now this one is the most obvious benefit of having a mobile app. When you have an app, representing your business in the app world, you are exposing your business to a wider audience than you would be doing by only a website. With online activity gradually shifting to mobile, there is a very low probability that your business clients would remain aloof from this trend.

If your business hasn’t got a mobile app yet, then be ready for customers asking for one or shifting to your competitor with a powerful mobile app. Do you want that? Obviously not!

  • Customer Engagement:

Mobile apps improve connections between the business and their clients. Customers feel more connected to the business as they are regularly notified about different products, services, deals, discounts, etc. Through instant and quick feedbacks, like give number of stars (5, 4, 3, 2, or 1), based on the customer’s opinion of quality of product or service, you can improve interaction levels. This will garner customer engagement and keep them more than happy.

Now the customer satisfaction is not merely from what the business delivers them, it is also the customer delight, arising from their gratification of the need to articulate, which keeps them engaged.

With capabilities to post questions, orders, comments, and complaints, embedded in your mobile app, you will have an instant answer to ‘What’s on your mind?’ from your clients! Wouldn’t you need this to introduce prospective changes in your products or in the quality of service you provide? I guess, definitely!

  • Establish Your Business as a Brand:

Your journey from a business to a brand comes to fruition with a mobile app. When your brilliantly designed app logo, which is probably your business logo, appears in front of the eyes of your customers, every time they check their mobile, it leaves a lasting effect on their mind. They start recognizing you as a brand. Regular interactions start fostering trust in them as it gives them a reason as to why they should trust your business. The higher the trust, the stronger their loyalty would be.

This is akin to past business trend wherein they used to distribute fridge magnets, posters, calendars, and other memorabilia to establish their brand logo. Coming to the modern times, with a mobile app you not just educate your customers with your presence but also build a strong brand.

Would you not like your strong brand value to transform into higher sales leads? Why not?

Boost Profits:

The ultimate aim of every business, to make profits, is accomplished through a powerful mobile app. You see it works two ways. Firstly, your existing customers, who are more than satisfied with the increased interactions and their words getting heard, will definitely love to transact more with you. Secondly, the increased visibility delivered through a mobile app expands your customer base. Both these things result in one thing. What? Increase in your sales figures, and also an increase in the figure of net profit you enter on the debit side of your Profit & Loss account.

Would you not like your business to launch another path-breaking product or service through capital re-investment? Well, who wouldn’t?

No matter which way you go, the probability of escaping a mobile app is zero. Your present choices translate into your future. A future that not just supports sustainability but also promises growth!