Project Details

Every new morning brings with itself massive number new events around the world. Whether you are a teenager, youth or an oldie, you never want to stay uninformed about what is going on where. Investing some amount of time in staying updated about the ongoing is always going to help you stay ahead. Short News is an application specially designed for the Gujarati news enthusiasts who wish to never miss even a single event around the world. A venture by Akalinews, this app enables its reader to view the news in different formats like videos, images and texts.

This application transforms the way you read news. With image and video format news, you explore more vivid and interesting experience which helps you relate more to the news article. takes to the new era of news feed.

The best part about this application is that the news items are presented in short with maximum content, which saves your time. Short News brings daily fresh news and enables its Gujarati reader to read in Gujarati text. You can also share news on different social media services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. With user friendly navigation, it also allows you to enable push notification for the fresh news. Short News application is available for download on Google Play Store for android users and on iTunes for iOS users. Now no need to take out time to read news, just do it on the go, with on your phone.

Project Info

Services : iPhone/Android Application
Skills : iOS, Android, JSON, CMS, YouTube Player, Push Notifications
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