Project Details

At Beauty Depot we strive to bring you the most sought after beauty products for the lowest retail price. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers amazing products at a lower price than any salon. As Beauty Depot looks toward the future, we hope that we can not only continue to bring you the products you want at the price you need, but that we can continually update our products and services for the changing times.

Beauty Depot’s family of employees puts each customer first. We are thrilled to help you in whatever way we can. Order online or call us for a one on one buying experience; either way, we’re here for you. We hope our competitive prices and focus on customer satisfaction will keep you coming back for years. So take a load off and browse away; you’ll find beauty products to meet all of your needs.

Project Info

Date / Year : April 2018
Services : Shopify
Skills : Shopify, PHP, CMS
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