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eatHalal is a free online service used to locate and archive Halal eateries across the United States. Designed to keep you in mind, eatHalal caters its searches to your personal food preferences and usage history. So the more you use it, the better eatHalal can determine your favorite restaurants. From takeout to fine dining, we facilitate for a wide array of Halal cuisine aimed at the rapidly increasing Muslim population in America.

eatHalal began in 2013 as a small initiative devoted to Halal food. However, since then, we have mushroomed into a much larger network. We look forward to a continued expansion of our resources, and our responsibility as one the primary facilitators for Halal eateries in the United States.

Project Info

Date / Year : November-2013
Services : HTML5, CSS3, Responsive
Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Responsive
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