Herdin’: Morning Routine Saver for Parents

Project Details

Life has never been easy, be it being kid when you have homework and playing hours to manage, being a youngster with studies work and relationships to be jiggled or being parents when you are continuously trying to keep up with daily routine along with handling your kids. Every second becomes an important penny which cannot be wasted.

An application specially designed for parents to handle all this mayhem around the kids would come as a boon for any stuck up parent. Herdin’: Morning Routine Saver for Parents works on the principle of converting the tasks into fun game for kids.

Project Info

Services : iPhone Application
Skills : iOS, Animations and Sounds
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Just prepare a task list including everything you want your kids to do and then launch it with one tap. The kids complete each task then pop a noisy bubble and move on to the next one.

Herdin’: Morning Routine Saver for Parents is an app which can be considered as a tool for parents to manage the morning mayhem, further working as a fun game for kids. With the features like easy preparation of task list, use of camera to add some more fun to the tasks and ability of saving multiple lists for specific times of day, this app helps you save some extra relaxing time.

With one time pocket-friendly purchase, you can enjoy the app with no ads, no account setup, no in-app purchases and no stress. Herdin’: Morning Routine Saver for Parents is compatible with iOS 8 and later and is available at iTunes for download.