Project Details

The Quick QR Scanner is fast and efficient application to scan 2D barcode including QR code and Data Matrix. You can direct visit the URL, store mobile number in mobile PhoneBook and share it in social media sites. Very fast and quick.

The QR Code application gives people the ability to use a mobile phone’s on-board camera to take a picture of a tag, and be directed to information in any form, such as text, vCard, URL, Online Photos, Online Video or contact details for the publisher.

Two-dimensional QR Code can be used to transform traditional marketing media (for example, print advertising, billboards, packaging and merchandising in stores or on LCDs) into gateways for accessing information online. QR Code can be applied as gateways from any type of media to an internet site or online media.

Project Info

Date / Year : May 2013 to July 2013
Services : Iphone/Android Application
Skills : iOS, Android, JSON, CMS
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