Twisted Fringe Hair

Project Details

Twisted Fringe hair extensions are completely organic and brought forth via slow and sure processes to ensure premium quality and softness. Meticulous hand checking and hand sorting, coupled with a coconut oil treatment to seal in moisture and fragrance, means we avoid the needless over processing and junk, and stick to what we know: hair. No acid baths, no conveyor belts, no mixing vats, and no bleaches. Just simple, natural, human remy hair, coaxed by loving human hands. That’s unbound beauty. That’s our promise.

Twisted Fringe is a Salt Lake City company seeking distribution and representation in select markets throughout the world. For more information about distribution opportunities, please contact us at 888-366-4682 or at

Project Info

Date / Year : April 2013 to Till Date
Services : Pinnacale Cart
Skills : PHP, MySQL, Pinnacle, CMS
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