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Hiring the right person for a job is equally important as having a job at all. For most of us having a job is having an identity, a proudness that we cant imagine our life’s without. But not everyone has a job, even though fighting for it.

Thousands of potential jobseekers daily struggles to be heard, seen or even spotted for an interview with those big companies. But the recruitment routine is not an easy task, we must agree. It´s in fact an extremely time-consuming and boring process each employer have to face at a daily basis.

At Zuvuz, we are all focused on building a platform, that brings forward the purest version of you at the most natural way possible. We believe jobseeking process should be a fun and an energy-boosting experience, not a desperate battle you want to run away from.

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Services : Job Recruitment, Upload Video CV
Skills : Laravel, PHP, MySQL
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