Cross Platform App Development

Developing powerful cross platform app that run superbly on different gadgets.

Your Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Developers-Webplanex

To create a web presence, you need to be everywhere. It’s not just about catchy headlines and clicks or even the shares that make everyone learn who you are. It’s about Apps that work on every device. The quality of your content means nothing if it can’t be easily shared and on the platform people prefer.

Web Planex is a proud pioneer in IT and enterprise cross platform mobile development for business. We know every customer needs cross platform mobile development that isn’t just a different OS on different devices.

A Brand needs universal recognition wherever it is seen

A business wouldn’t market the same product under five different brand names. So why market the same brand again for every mobile device? You may as well have five brands per product. Or, you could have one web site that is integrated so that it will function fully on every mobile platform.

The Webplanex team develops all mobile device apps with same websites

The Web Apps we create will work on every kind of mobile device on the market. On every smart phone and tablet, your App will look good and so your brand will. And it will look just as good on every desktop platform as well, no matter what version of Windows or any other desktop difference; you’ll get the same top results from our design team.

We’ll stay in close touch throughout the project

Our team of enterprise cross platform mobile App developers will be in touch with you every step of the way. Webplanex provides services to its clients all over the globe. The design team will be accessible, and we want you to be involved. We expect you to ask questions and get connected.

You will be able to communicate online with our team any time and participate in the development discussions. Look at your web platform as if it is your custom dream home. You wouldn’t just tell the construction company to build it without telling them what you want.

Complete function tests will be done before you go live

Webplanex won’t be finished with your web project until you say so. We don’t expect you to call it finished until you’ve performed a complete test. Mock sites and mock Apps with full-function capability will be available for you to conduct actual tests on every function of the Apps just like your customers will do when they are on your live site. If any part of it doesn’t work correctly, we fix it before you go live, so your brand’s reputation is never compromised.