The Top Reasons People Succeed In The WordPress Industry

WordPress was launched in 2003 and has become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. It is used by more than 74 million sites that publish posts every second. Because of a how powerful tool it is, it has become a favorite among businesses. Here are some top reasons people succeed in the WordPress industry.

It’s free : – 

Whether you are launching a new online business or just a blogger, WordPress is 100% free. Best of all is that you don’t have to worry about hidden charges if your blog becomes too popular. WordPress will still be free. On the top of that, WordPress is an open source meaning that you can alter or improve the source code for creating right site for the needs.

Flexible : – 

WordPress is flexible and this is another feature that just can’t be topped. Doesn’t matter what you’re using WordPress, it is versatile enough to meet all your needs through extensive feature and extension.

Search engine friendly : –

Most popular search engines prefer sites powered by WordPress because of its framework that is easy to crawl.

Safe and secure : – 

Being a popular CMS, it is a target for hackers. However, security of users is taken seriously by WordPress. While practising some basic security measures, WordPress constantly keeps on updating its software to prevent attacks. In fact, there is an automatic update feature since the release of version 3.7.

Customizable : – 

Because there are thousands of themes and plugins that WordPress offers, with just one click you can actually customise your site the way you want it to appear and function. Furthermore, because of endless features that WordPress offers, you can really create the blog or site you always wanted.

Easy to use : – 

Another amazing perk of using WordPress is that it is very easy to use. The platform is totally user-friendly, intuitive and easily learned to use. You can learn using WordPress in minutes. It is famous for its “5-minute install”.

Hosts multimedia : – 

You can add media easily and it is a great way to enhance the experience of users. You can add media easily into posts or pages. You can also edit the images while in the media library section.

Mobile friendly : – 

For a site to be mobile friendly is important nowadays. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that. It is already mobile friendly and thanks to all the themes for being so responsive.

Integration : – 

WordPress has an integration with some of the powerful platforms that are available to give business the additional boost. You can use services like MailChimp and Aweber and most popular payment gateways in the world also.

Easy to manage : –

WordPress has a built-in updater for security. With that, it also notifies when there are updates available for themes and plugins. This makes the management of WordPress site easy since you will have the latest updates. This keeps the site fresh and safe.

More than just a blog : – 

The reputation of WordPress is a great blogging platform which can be inserted into any existing website. WordPress can be used as a website also. WordPress has a post and page structure and you can write daily blog posts and some static pages like Contact or About pages.

Saves your money : – 

WordPress is a free software and that is not the only area where you can really save money. As WordPress is an open source and user-friendly, you just don’t have to hire some developers or technicians for maintaining your WordPress site.

Numerous e-commerce solutions : – 

If you are using WordPress for any business, then get happy because there are many e-commerce solutions which can convert your site into the all-out digital store. Use plugins like WP e-commerce, Shopp or WooCommerce and start making money easily online.

You’re not committed to only one service provider : – 

If you want to switch any host or provider just because they cannot handle traffic or you’re frustrated, you can also do it without experiencing any much downtown. Because WordPress works with almost every server. If you want to switch, there are many free WordPress hosting options available.

Keeps your site looking fresh : – 

There are thousands of themes available you can choose from in many cases. If you have had a theme for so long and want to change it, go for it. This will help your site look fresh and your users will like it too.

Schedule posts : – 

Running a business is not easy and actually, time-consuming. However, WordPress can help you with that. It can allow you to schedule your post on specific time and it will be posted at that time. In this way, you can actually save your time and it will be less consuming you from doing other works.

Multiuser capability : – 

There is a possibility that you will need many people to keep your site running. WordPress knows it and has actually made things easy for you for assigning different people different roles. The roles that WordPress Codex gives are:

Super Admin: The one who has the access to site network administration features and all the other features.

Administration: Someone who can access the administration features within the same site.

Editor: Someone who will publish and manage all the posts with others posts too.

Author: Someone who can manage and publish only their own posts.

Contributor: Someone who can write and manage the post but cannot just publish them.

Subscriber: Somebody who can just manage their profile.

Publish content with one click : – 

The articles and blog posts that you write, you can publish them immediately too. WordPress has an amazing feature where you can publish your work in just one click. Plus, there are many apps that allow you to publish the WordPress content without mattering the place where you are.

Universal platform : – 

WordPress dashboard looks the same as it’s a universal platform. You don’t have to hire experts for figuring out how to use WordPress. The fact is that anyone can use WordPress with any sort of general PHP and MySQL experience.

WordPress keeps getting better : –

WordPress is going to get better with time because it hires top-notch developers. Any user can enhance user experience as it is an open source so that it can be the best CMS available.

With so many awesome features and easily usable, WordPress is actually one of its kind. WordPress is a key to a successful blog and that too without any discomfort in your side.

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