WordPress VS Joomla : Which CMS to Choose for your website ?

When it comes to selecting a CMS for your website it becomes quite difficult as it is a vital decision, which can affect your website in several ways. With the widespread of technology, there are numerous websites available on the market, both of them having their specific aces and rip-offs. This blog compares two of the most widely-used ones: WordPress, and Joomla. These platforms are well-known for their advanced features, and both are definitely good to go with. But which platform to choose between the two?

Don’t worry! Here we have taken some parameters which by equating both the platforms determines which one is the sovereign. But before that let’s just have the slightest intro of the two.

Intro – WordPress Platform : – 

WordPress nowadays is one of the most famous CRM systems and is almost powering more than 60 million sites all over the world. It is a free open-source platform which comes with different programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. It is a perfect platform for small and medium websites, which does not require much of technical skills. And that is why I would recommend it to beginners.

Intro – Joomla Platform : – 

Joomla is a platform used widely, that does not need a high level experience in terms of technicality and skills like other platform. It has an array of themes plugins. It is very powerful to run on almost all websites without much of a problem. It is further based on MySQL and PHP.

Now without much ado let’s compare the two platform and decide which one is better to go with!

We are going to compare the two on following parameters:

1. Search Engine Optimization : – 

On the basis of Search Engine Optimization competencies of both platform, Joomla is a bit superior, which lets its users set different keywords for all their articles and blogs, and lets the user’s select different themes for their blog.

But on WordPress side’s, you have got the amazingly widespread SEO plugin, Yoast, which is powerful and also offers a lot of themes and add-ons and the best part of it, anyone would like to hold through it in some follow-ups. By using traffic light system, Yoast lets you sort your SEO ranks in altered capacities.

Moreover, this plugin also helps in improving your score in capacity and would even rate your post’s readability.

Hence, it is clear that WordPress is far handier than Joomla in this category.

2. Safety and protection : – 

You cannot neglect protection and security as any system cannot grow and prosper without a safety system. So now the question arises, which platform offers better protection in comparison to other?

WordPress, with its reputation, is considered more secure and trusted in terms of protection and safety vulnerabilities. Millions of features owe a big thank to each WordPress install, which at the same time offer various themes.

In spite of advanced security, it is difficult to determine, which plugin offers proper safety measures and remains well- suited with newer and updated versions. Furthermore, WordPress doesn’t offer simple features on its dashboard, for example making a Secure Socket Layer connection and therefore, if you are choosing WordPress, its central files have to be modified in order to enable them. To be honest, almost all its security features depend wholly on plugins.

While Joomla comes with power connections. This CMS also offers a different list of security additions and its makers aim at maintaining a grade of the security additions with well-known susceptibilities.

Here, Joomla takes the ball!

3. Customization potential : –

Till now you have covered few grounds to WordPress plugin and Joomla extensions. We came to a point that both the CMS have their separate register of plugin for ease and most conceivable use.

While WordPress offers a better subjective polish. If you are looking for a feature to customize your website and its style, WordPress takes the ball again. As on WordPress, you can find first-class themes and at the same time offer a great level of backing and experience.

And so, WordPress takes the lead.

4. Management of content and its prospect : – 

When it comes to content management and potential, both the CRM are complex, which enables its users to produce and handle almost all types of websites. But WordPress is considered a bit easier as it is related to simple blogs and at the same time offers a great resolution for fresh and new arrival pages and complex sites.

While Joomla, though distinguished for its intricacy makes a website built with it evolve into much of things it wants, but it is mainly for users with less understanding in web development, its learning curve becomes much steeper.

Hence, it is better to guess that WordPress allows its users to control and achieve their content in a much easier manner. Anyone i.e. even a beginner can use the platform with ease and can create posts and pages without much complexity, whereas Joomla seems to be less welcoming.

Taking all the above points into consideration, WordPress takes the lead.

Conclusion : –

In much or little ways, only one can be a winner, in the comparison between WordPress and Joomla and the prize goes to WordPress, which beats Joomla.

WordPress is mainly meant for beginners as it is simpler and easier for beginners, while Joomla, on the other hand, is appropriate for all types of users, be it beginners or experienced. But with various plugin and themes, available WordPress becomes greater to Joomla. And hence, it can be stated from the above parameters that WordPress offers a wide range of feature and exposure. And if you are a beginner, WordPress is the one you should go with as it offers numerous plugins and themes which is very supportive of starting your website.

Even when it comes to popularity and ease of use, WordPress is the one. Hence, choose your CMS sensibly.