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Unique way to engage and encourage customers for more purchase.

Highlight Products or Collection with cashback percentage or amount label.

Individual Customer wallet with cashback transaction details.


Boost Sales and Customer engagement for your store

The unique and powerful way to increase sales and customer engagement. With this app you can give a reason to your customer to come back and make purchase. When you cashback your customers they are much more likely to return and make repeat purchases. More cashback leads to more purchase and more customer engagement.

You can assign more cashback to products which are on sale, The cashback will boost sales for other products too.

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The unique and powerful way to increase sales and customer engagement

Product Label

You can add cashback labels to individual product by specifying percentage amount or fixed amount such as “+ 10% Cashback”, “+ $25 Cashback”, “20% Cashback Hot Deal”, “30% Cashback Sale”.. The Labels will be shown for products.

Collection Label

If you have Sale for whole collection then you can also set label for whole collection with percentage amount or fixed amount.

Label Customization

You can customize products or collection label with text font color as well as label background color as per your design theme.

Email Notification

Customers will get beautifully designed thank you note after they complete their order with earned and used cashback.

Customer Wallet

Each customer will have wallet section which will consist of all order transactions. Cashback usage transaction as well as cashback receive transaction will be shown in customer wallet area.

Store Statistics

As a Store owner you can see the Order listing with cashback calculations. The weekly, monthly and all time statistics of earned cashback by customer and spend by customers.

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Common questions about CashBack Sales Booster

1. Is account required for customers to access their cashback wallet?

Yes, Customer needs to have a store account for cashback wallet access. As a store admin, you can set customer accounts as optional. This means products can still be purchased without a customer account, but they will need an account to access their cashback rewards. You have to apply this setting as "Accounts are optional" at Settings >> Checkout >> Customer accounts in your store.

2. How free plan works?

The Basic plan is free and you can use this plan up to 50 Orders per month. You can remain on the Basic plan until you exceed 50 orders per month. It is catered to small businesses. If you are small scale business, then you can use Basic plan.

3. How about Paid plan and features?

There are various Paid plan like Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise. Each plan has certain monthly order limit. You can choose the suitable plan as per your monthly order numbers. All other things like product label, customers etc. are unlimited on each plan.

4. Can I downgrade my plan tier at any time?

If your store receives fewer than 50 orders a month, you can always downgrade to the Free plan; however, please keep in mind that additional orders beyond your plan order limit will charge ¢15 per order.

5. Are all orders counted for the plan tier, or only those that include cashback items?

Orders counted for the plan tier which includes cashback items or customer used cashback amount.

6. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. Our pricing based only on numbers of orders per month. There is not any contract or cancellation fee.

7. How customer earn cashback?

As a store owner, you can set product cashback by a fixed amount or percentage. By purchasing that product, a customer will earn the cashback amount. The cashback amount will be credited upon fulfilled order status.

8. How can customer redeem cashback?

Each customer can access their wallet from their account page when signed in. The wallet will show their cashback balance. For a customer to redeem their cashback balance, they can generate a discount code that can then be applied to their next purchase.

9. How can I set cashback for Products?

There is "Add Cashback" under "Manage Cashback" Section. Here you can see section "Cashback Details". You can set cashback amount or percentage on the particular product. You can set flat cashback amount or percentage amount of product price.

10. How can design cashback product badge?

There is "Add Cashback" under "Manage Cashback" section. Here you can see section "Badge Details". You can set product badge properties including Label, Background colour and Font colour. The Product badge will display on top of the product image. You can adjust design colour as per your current theme colour combination.

11. Can I set cashback for collection?

Yes, you can apply cashback amount/percentage on the whole collection which will apply to all products which fall under that collection.

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