30 Gen AI Use Cases Demonstrated at Google Cloud Next ’24

30 Gen AI Use Cases Demonstrated at Google Cloud Next ’24

In today’s fast-paced world of change, something truly exciting is happening at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology. Google Cloud Next ’24, where we got a sneak peek into what the future might hold. Thirty amazing examples of AI use cases show how smart machines are teaming up with human creativity to do incredible things. 

Get ready to be amazed as we explore how AI is changing industries, making things work better, and opening up all sorts of new possibilities. In this blog, we discuss 30 Gen AI use cases demonstrated at Google Cloud Next ‘24.

Gen AI Use Cases

We have put these AI use cases into six different categories such as customer agents, employee agents, creative agents, data agents, code agents, and security agents.

Customer Agents

Customer Agents

Best Buy:

With the help of Gemini, Best Buy is introducing a revolutionary AI-driven virtual assistant capable of addressing product concerns, rearranging delivery schedules, overseeing Geek Squad memberships, and beyond. Additionally, both in-store and online customer support personnel are now equipped with cutting-edge gen-AI resources, which help them give customers better service. 

ING Bank:

ING Bank is striving to elevate customer satisfaction by introducing a cutting-edge gen-AI chatbot. This chatbot is designed to serve employees with enhanced self-service functionalities, thereby boosting the quality of responses to customer inquiries.


Etsy has integrated Vertex AI training for optimizing their search suggestions and advertising models. This enhancement enables Etsy to provide buyers with improved listing suggestions and supports sellers in expanding their businesses.


Magalu, a well-known retailer in Brazil, has given customer service the first priority in its AI strategy. As part of this initiative, Magalu leverages Vertex AI to develop “Lu’s Brain,” to empower an interactive conversational agent for Lu, which is a most-loved brand of Magalu. 


Samsung is rolling out Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on their Galaxy S24 smartphones, offering users access to incredible functionalities such as text summarization, seamless organization, and enchanting image editing capabilities.

Employee Agents

Employee Agents


Cintas is harnessing the power of Vertex AI Search to construct an internal knowledge hub tailored for its customer service and sales teams for swift access to vital information.

Bristol Myers Squibb:

Bristol Myers Squibb is also implementing a change to its document procedures for clinical trials through the integration of Vertex AI and Google Workspace. This transformation means that documents, which once took scientists weeks to prepare, now take minutes to get a first draft. 

Bank of New York Mellon:

The Bank of New York Mellon has developed a virtual assistant aimed at assisting employees in locating pertinent information and obtaining answers to their inquiries. 

HCA Healthcare:

HCA Healthcare is implementing an AI-driven virtual caregiver assistant called Cati, which is designed to maintain seamless care transitions between shifts. Additionally, they are implementing gen AI to streamline time-intensive tasks like clinical documentation, allowing physicians and nurses to pay more attention to patient care.

Covered California:

Covered California is the healthcare marketplace for the state that has implemented Document AI to enhance both consumer and employee experiences. This involves automating segments of the documentation and verification process to streamline coverage applications for residents.

Creative Agents

Creative Agents


Canva harnesses the capabilities of Vertex AI to drive its Magic Design for Video feature, allowing users to bypass laborious editing tasks and effortlessly craft captivating, shareable videos within seconds.


Paramount is a leading entertainment company employing VertexAI Text Bison to streamline processes for generating essential metadata and video summaries used throughout its Paramount + platform. This enhances content showcasing and enables personalized experiences for viewers.


WPP is set to integrate Google Cloud’s Gen AI into its intelligent marketing operating system, known as WPP Open. This integration will empower both its employees and clients to achieve unprecedented levels of personalization and efficiency. WPP includes the use of Gemini 1.5 Pro models to improve the precision and swiftness of predicting content performance.


With Vertex AI, Carrefour swiftly implemented the Carrefour Marketing Studio within five weeks. This platform streamlines the development of dynamic campaigns across various social channels. With automated features, marketers can effortlessly create ultra-personalized campaigns, ensuring customers receive advertising based on their preferences.

Procter & Gamble:

With the help of Imagen, Procter & Gamble designed an internal gen AI platform, which accelerates the process of creating photo-realistic images and creative assets and enables your marketing teams to spend more time on strategic planning and providing exceptional experiences for consumers.

Code Agents

Code Agents


Capgemini has adopted Code Assist to optimize software engineering productivity, quality, security, and developer engagement, leading to early observations of enhanced coding efficiency and improved code stability.

Seattle Children’s: 

Seattle Children’s Hospital has implemented AI technology to enhance data engineering efficiency and accelerate the pace of development.


Turing is tailoring Gemini Code Assist to their proprietary codebase, providing their developers with personalized and contextually relevant coding recommendations, resulting in a 30 percent boost in productivity and a more enjoyable coding experience.


Through Ghostwriter, Replit’s software development AI, Replit developers will have access to Google Cloud infrastructure, services, and foundational models, while Google Cloud and Workspace developers will have access to Replit’s collaborative code editing platform.


With the help of Code Assist’s robust security and compliance features, Commerzbank is boosting developer efficiency.

Security Agents

Security Agents


Behavox leverages Google Cloud technology and LLMs to deliver cutting-edge regulatory compliance and front-office solutions to financial institutions worldwide.

Charles Schwab:

By integrating their intelligence into AI-powered Google SecOps, Charles Schwab enables analysts to enhance work prioritization and effectively address security threats.

Grupo Boticário:

Grupo Boticário, a renowned beauty retail and cosmetics conglomerate in Brazil, utilizes real-time security models to proactively prevent fraud and swiftly detect and address issues.


BBVA integrates AI into Google SecOps to enhance the detection, investigation, and response to security threats, achieving greater accuracy, speed, and scalability. The platform now instantly surfaces crucial security data that previously took minutes or even hours, enabling highly automated responses.


Plifzer is a noted pharmaceutical company in the USA. With the ability to aggregate cybersecurity data sources, Pfizer has significantly decreased analysis times, which previously took days, and now can be done in seconds.

Data Agents

Data Agents


Anthropic has collaborated with Google Cloud to make its suite of Claude 3 models available on Vertex AI, expanding the range of model choices for organizations seeking intelligence, speed, cost-efficiency, and vision for various enterprise applications.

Cox 2M:

Cox 2M, the commercial IoT arm of Cox Communications, uses AI-powered analytics to enable quicker, more informed business decisions.


Spotify utilizes Dataflow for extensive ML podcast preview generation, with ongoing plans to continually push the limits of data engineering and data science. Their goal is to enhance experiences for both customers and creators.


MSCI, a well-known American finance company, is also in favor of using machine learning along with Vertex AI, BigQuery, and Cloud Run to enhance its datasets, aiding clients in gaining insights into approximately 1 million asset locations. This initiative assists in managing climate-related risks effectively.

Generali Italia:

Generali Italia, Italy’s foremost insurance provider, utilized Vertex AI to construct a model evaluation pipeline, which ensures rapid performance evaluation and model deployment for their machine learning teams.


The examples of Gen AI use cases at Google Cloud Next ’24 show how artificial intelligence can change many industries. They improve customer service and make businesses run better. These new ideas show how humans and machines working together can create amazing things, indicating that there’s a lot we can achieve in the future.

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