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Explore the versatile Wix platform and uncover its vast capabilities. At WebPlanex, our proficient and thoroughly professional developers are equipped in developing sophisticated Wix websites. With these advanced sites, crafted on a sturdy platform, you can strategize your business’s promotion, manage your online store, and showcase work to esteemed clients.

If you need assistance with developing a Wix website, the skilled specialists at WebPlanex are available to provide comprehensive support. As an official Wix Partner, our team is dedicated to crafting outstanding websites that meet your specific needs precisely. The Wix Website Builder offers convenience and complete flexibility, enabling you to create websites tailored to your business requirements.


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    Benefits of Hiring Wix Developers

    WebPlanex can build professional Wix websites to help you promote your business, manage your online store, or showcase your work. Our Wix experts will deliver a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website that meets your specific needs and budget. Wix offers customizable templates, SEO tools, and robust security features. You can easily track your website’s performance and make adjustments as needed.

    Simple to navigate

    We present to you an exceptionally intuitive website interface that's simple to navigate and update. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for prompt assistance. Additionally, our specialists are adept at enhancing the speed of your eCommerce platform.


    At WebPlanex, our seasoned team of developers is delighted to provide cost-effective development services for Wix websites. Known for their affordability, our services are highly favored among our clientele.

    WYSIWYG drag-and-drop functionality

    A notable aspect of Wix is “What You See Is What You Get” , its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which we utilize to craft intuitive websites. Our readily available services ensure that you are liberated from the burdens of frequent updates.

    Optimal Templates

    The Wix platform offers high-quality, customizable templates for website creation. Our designers excel in crafting unique templates and layouts specifically for Wix-based sites. Additionally, we provide tailored modifications to the in-built layouts to meet the specific needs of your business.

    Integrated search engine optimization

    Our team ensures that Wix websites are optimized for search engines and incorporate essential built-in functionalities. We prioritize enhancing the usability of these websites, improving their load speeds, and providing comprehensive keyword optimization services.

    Robust security measures

    The importance of website security cannot be overstated, and we fully recognize this at WebPlanex. Wix provides an optimal environment equipped with robust tools to protect websites. By utilizing these tools, we ensure the security of your sites. Additionally, Wix supports HTTPS compliance, which not only secures websites but also enhances their rankings in search engine results.

    Mobile Optimization

    No matter how you browse, Wix websites deliver a great experience. Our mobile-friendly and responsive designs ensure your website looks sharp and functions smoothly on any device, giving your visitors a seamless experience.

    Tailoring preferences

    Wix offers an extensive array of customization features that cater to your preferences. You have the flexibility to tailor your websites, modify images and layouts, incorporate animations, alter color schemes, and explore additional adjustments. The platform enables you to craft and develop websites that resonate with your personal interests or professional insights. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of visually appealing templates.

    Ongoing Performance Evaluation

    Wix's monitoring tools allow you to track and comprehend the development of your marketing efforts, facilitating the observation of traffic associated with them. The platform integrates seamlessly with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, and provides the ability to implement custom tracking solutions. Such features ensure a comprehensive analysis of your website's performance.

    Great Reviews

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    Gary Frank

    General Manager, Tan LA, Los Angeles, California

    "I really feel that WebPlanex brought my business to a more upscale appearance with the new website. The new website design has increased the salon’s business and reputation. WebPlanex’s attention to detail and responsiveness stood out."

    Florian M.

    CEO, USA

    "I was searching for a mobile website solutions for my business site. I found Webplanex, they designed me a great search engine friendly and effective mobile website in just 5 days."

    Andrea Di Mari

    Founder, InselDerEnergie, Europe

    "We requested a few jobs and all jobs was finished in just a few hours with very exceptional results. We are happy with our new custom sections. Thank you Webplanex. We will definitely work more together in the future."

    Nightmare Soup

    Managing Director, Indiana, United States

    "These guys are always quick and the work is always done well, this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve worked with them, and will definitely continue to do so in the future!"

    Raphael Ogbongbemiga

    Principal, Raotech Solutions, Houston, Texas, USA

    "Honest and practical, WebPlanex Infotech Pvt Ltd met all their benchmarks and created high-quality deliverables. As strong project managers, they ensured a smooth process through step-by-step explanations of each task."

    Jodi Maas

    Founder, Luggage Pros, United States

    "WebPlanex increased our speed score. They were responsive and fixed extra glitches when requested. Thank you!"


    Webplanex provides innovative solutions for the following industries. Let’s get in touch to discuss your idea and get the website that gives you competitive advantages in your industry.


    Travel and Hospitality
    Travel and Hospitality

    Education and Technology
    Education and Technology

    Real Estate
    Real Estate


    Media and Entertainment
    Media and Entertainment


    Food and Delivery
    Food and Delivery


    Social Networking
    Social Networking

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    What is the time frame for WebPlanex to finish a Wix project?

    The duration it takes to finish a project, from planning through development to the rollout, varies based on the client’s specifications. Simple aesthetic adjustments can be completed swiftly, shortening the total duration. In contrast, incorporating substantial integrations or implementing more sophisticated modifications generally results in a longer project timeframe. You can be confident that we will complete and deliver the project ahead of the agreed deadline.

    How much does it cost to begin a Wix project with WebPlanex?

    Assessing the total cost is challenging without a detailed understanding of your specific needs. Once our team thoroughly understands your project requirements, once we will designate an appropriate cost complete all milestones. Additionally, should the project require extra cost, we will notify you in advance with the details and seek approval for the additional cost needed.

    Is there a support period offered by WebPlanex once a Wix project is completed?

    Yes there is a support period of 1 week once the project is completed.

    Is any portion of the Wix development project outsourced by WebPlanex?

    At WebPlanex, we take pride in our dedicated, full-time team of in-house Wix developers who diligently manage every part of complex projects without the need for external outsourcing or the assistance of freelancers. Our team of Wix experts is completely prepared to assume full responsibility for the entirety of your project’s demands.

    Is it common for you to engage in discussions with your clients?

    WebPlanex follows a framework that ensures continuous dialogue and full transparency. The project manager assigned to your project will remain readily accessible to update you regularly on the advancements. Additionally, you are welcome to reach out through your preferred method of communication, including options like Skype, email, telephone, or various instant messaging platforms.

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