Step By Step Process

Our process is simple, strategic and streamlines.

A thorough step guide

WebPlanex has been providing offshore web and software development solutions to businesses in India and the US for almost a decade and in all this time we have perfected a plan of action that guarantees streamlined development and amazing results. Our step by step process for development, allows us to work with you very closely and incorporate your feedback at each step to make sure that the finished product is exactly according to your specifications.

Assessing your needs

Every development project starts with first collecting all information on what the end product is expected to do. Through the use of standard questionnaires and personal interaction our development team will first assess what your requirements are.


Creating a visual layout

The age old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words certainly holds true for the development industry as well. Our designers will create multiple mock-ups of prospective designs and layouts for your solution. You can pick the design you like the best, or suggest changes which we will incorporate. Only after we have created a design that you like will we start with the development work.

Confirmation to proceed with development phase

It is vital that there never be any kind of confusion between the development team and our clients. Once you are satisfied with the design mock-ups, we require a written confirmation to proceed with the development phase.



Upon receiving approval from you, we start active development on your business solution. We use the technology and software that you specify and make sure that every aspect of development is exactly according to the development specifications that you provided us at the start of the project.

The development process incorporates creating a solution that provides all the features that you require and looks and performs exactly like the design mock-ups you approved.

Multi-step testing

Upon completion of the development phase, the testing phase of our process begins. There are many errors, bugs and issues that a solution has. These errors need to be identified and removed before a product is ready for deployment. Different teams of testers work on various aspects of the solution and test it for design, performance, stability, security and functionality.


Project Submission

Once we are satisfied that your solution meets the strict benchmarks of quality and performance that we have set for ourselves, we deliver the finished product to you. We do all this within the stipulated timeline and ensure product delivery within the time that you allot us for completion.