Project Management

Good Project Management is a critical component of any responsible and dependable company.


WebPlanex offers customised project management solutions that are designed according to the needs of your business.

Every business vertical has its own set of unique demands and issues, and no single software can work for all business verticals. WebPlanex will work with you to create a business solution that meets all your requirements and offers you seamless control over all the information flowing through your company networks.

Project management is an important part of software development. Without a proper procedural guideline to adhere to, bottlenecks and unnecessary complexities arise, which delay project delivery and cause the final solution to be buggy and error prone. WebPlanex has devised a thorough development protocol that allows our developers to create world class business solutions while maintaining our high standards of quality.

WebPlanex have own rich online project management tool from which Client can mange project parameters including Task Management, Milestones, Files, Discussion, Live Chat with developers, Source Control etc. Client can logged in own account and check status of each task and gets regular email notification of project task updates. Client can also post project updates directly from email reply, No need to logged in system frequently for that.


WebPlanex’s Project Management Solution

WebPlanex has worked with hundreds of companies in all kinds of business verticals. Our experience in working with them has allowed us an insight into their needs and requirements. Our Project Management system is extremely customisable and through its use, we will provide your business the solutions it needs to function efficiently.

Project Management Made Easy

Manage Simple to complex projects and everything in between with Webplanex.

Compartmentalisation of information

With the large number of developer and designers that work with us, WebPlanex always has multiple projects under development at its facilities. Firewalls, network segmentation and separate physical locations for teams that are working on a project ensure that there is no chance of your data being accidentally disclosed to anyone who is not part of the team assigned to your project. Even within the development team assigned to you, WebPlanex makes sure that each team member is only given the information they need in order to work.

Project Initiation

Our project management system is designed to come into play from the moment we are assigned a new project. Ensuring that we have the proper information to proceed with development work is the first step, and we have enacted a set of rigorous requirement analysis protocols to acquire all relevant information.

Project Supervision

Through our project management system we are able to quickly analyse whether the project is going well or additional work force is required. Through continuous monitoring and supervision, WebPlanex makes sure that we deliver top notch solutions well within the allotted time.


Improve the management of our clients project ensuring the progression of their business.

Project Feedback Appropriation

It is vital to work closely with our client during the development phase. The needs of every business are dynamic and project requirements sometimes have to be changed. Through our project management system, we ensure that what we are building for you meets your expectations as well as your requirements. WebPlanex seeks constant feedback and incorporates it into the development to deliver you the perfect final solution.

Project Submission

Once development work has been completed and the solution has been extensively tested for bugs, WebPlanex gives a final demonstration to you before solution delivery. Once you are satisfied with the end project and complete the final payment, we provide complete project files to you and completely wipe our records to ensure the confidentiality of your business.

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