Announcing the Shopify Summer Edition 2024: Enhanced Features and Updates

Announcing the Shopify Summer Edition 2024: Enhanced Features and Updates

Shopify gears up for its Summer 2024 edition. As you don’t already know, Shopify is always looking for ways to enhance user experience and make eCommerce easily accessible for everyone. If you own a Shopify store or are in the process of opening a new one, you have a lot to be excited about. In this post, we’ll discuss all the new features and updates announced by Shopify. We’re going to explore how these new features can help you expand your business, boost sales, and help you simplify operations. So let’s dig in!

What’s New in Shopify Summer Edition 2024?

First, let’s talk about what the new Shopify Summer Edition 24 is. These are new features and updates to the existing tools, to enhance user experience for both merchants and customers.

However, there are 150+ updates and features, from advanced customization options to innovative marketing tools. We’re gonna go through the top 9 of these features and updates that are going to help you gear up your Shopify experience. Here is everything you need to know about these updates:

1. Markets

Now there is a one-stop solution for all Shopify stores. You don’t have to go to different configurations to manage different stores or workflows. You can add all your customization into one market and launch it. Access or make any changes required from Shopify Admin at any time.

That is not all, you can customize buyer experiences from a single command center whether it be a B2B, international  Selling, or selling in person.

2. Split Shipping while checkout

Now more convenient than ever, Shopify’s shipping experiences.

Customers now have the option of split shipping of different products from their order. They even have the ability to choose from shipping speed options for each product. They can choose between standard shipping or express shipping, not just for the entire order but for each product individually based on their preference. Customers can see if their order will arrive in multiple shipments upfront. Split shipping while checkout making it relentlessly the world’s best checkout.

3. Shopify Magic

There is only one meaning of magic in the digital world and that is AI. Now Shopify has equipped you with the power of AI. Yes, that is one hundred percent completely true.

Shopify now has the power of AI:  Shopify has built its own AI assistant ‘Sidekick’ to help you expand and grow your business more efficiently. With the help of Sidekick, you can not only get the guidance and information for your business but with customized email segments you can generate customized email for your marketing campaigns in just a few simple clicks.

4. Rebuilt Analytics

Just when you think that this is something that cannot be customized as per my preference, technology tells you why not!

Advancing in the latest technology Shopify Rebuilt the analytics with the option to customize your dashboard as you want. Just to help you make an informed decision with the real-time updates and the data you need to make the decision. You can not only get the data displayed but decide or customize how, where, when, and what data should be displayed on your dashboard.

5. Theme style settings

Everyone knows how important it is for your Shopify store to look as you want. Store visuals are the identity of your brand and how customization is the most essential part of it.

Style settings now give you the ability to completely customize the layout of sections and blocks of your Shopify store. Style settings can also be customized for different devices, so no worries about the Shopify store theme for mobile layout as that is easily customizable too.

6. Hydrogen Visual Editor

A new coding feature was introduced by Shopify to make the life and work of developers even simpler than before. As a developer, you will be able to create templates for your team members who don’t have the technical knowledge. With these templates, they will be able to work more independently and visually without needing you to code every single time. But because this is still code you can take the back control in your hands.

7. Managed Markets

Shopify’s managed markets give the flexibility to expand your business in different regions. In the Summer 24 edition, managed markets are even more streamlined, allowing you to restrict your catalog user experience much more. Now you can see which part of the product or market has been restricted in which region and why!

Additionally, you can import duties and taxes directly in your broad prices, making customer experience top-notch while building loyalty and trust.

8. Omni Stores

Shopify’s approach is inevitable to provide great flexibility to their customers, on how they choose to receive their orders. With a goal of customers having a seamless OMNI channel experience. The great news is now you can get the products delivered from one store to another, in case a product is out of stock in the selected store by the customer. Isn’t it amazing! More so convenient than ever. Who could’ve thought that this approach could be followed? This feature is now available for all Shopify plans.

Not just this you have the feature of ‘ship from store’!!! Making the deliveries even faster and more convenient.

9.  ‘Shopify POS’ Easy Retail Checkouts

Making it seamless with the option of one tap digital receipt. In this feature, if a customer is recognized as a user their email will be shown at the checkout page. While making it easier for you to stay connected with the customer, and allowing you to strengthen your marketing strategies with loyal customer data.

You can now identify high-performing staff through admin email capture features. With this, you can appreciate and recognize your staff’s performance effortlessly.

Let’s wrap it up now!

We now know how advanced Shopify has become. Making everything seamless and easier for you. So you can focus more on expanding your business and not worrying about other functionalities. From customizing themes and visuals of your online store to an easy shopping experience in the Shopify POS. Whether customers want split shipping or in-store pick-ups. Everything is more convenient and flexible than ever. Major customization with just your fingertips. Retargeting, easy discount applications, and much more with only Shopify Summer Edition 2024!

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