Celebrating the Shopify recognition of the “Built For Shopify” Badge for SpeedBoostr app

Celebrating the Shopify recognition of the “Built For Shopify” Badge for SpeedBoostr app

We’re thrilled to announce that our ‘SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO’ app is being awarded the ‘Built for Shopify’ badge that reflects our commitment at Webplanex to provide innovative and dependable solutions to Shopify merchants. Our SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO app aims to make Shopify SEO efforts easier for you.

As a Shopify merchant, you’re constantly looking for ways to attract more customers and increase the credibility of your store. In the fast-paced world of eCommerce trust and reliability are not just qualities but they are necessities too. One such is earning a ‘Built For Shopify’ badge.

What is the “Built for I Shopify” Badge?

The “Built for Shopify” badge represents a standard of excellence that is awarded to apps and solutions adhering to Shopify’s rigorous criteria for quality and functionality. This mark is prominently featured on the Shopify App Store, indicating that Shopify has extensively reviewed and endorsed the app or solution.

Key Benefits of the “Built for I Shopify” Badge

Reliability and Trust: Displaying the badge increases customer confidence in your application, as it represents an endorsement from Shopify, a well-respected entity in the world of e-commerce.

Enhanced Visibility: Apps sporting this badge are more noticeable in a dense marketplace, which can increase their downloads and user engagement levels.

Promotional Support: Shopify frequently highlights apps that have this badge across its marketing platforms, providing additional exposure.

How to Qualify for the Badge

There are multiple requirements you need to meet in order to achieve the “Built For Shopify” Badge. Earning the badge is not a piece of cake. It involves a sophisticated assessment process to ensure your App meets Shopify’s quality standards.

Performance and Security

Speed: It’s crucial that your application not only launches swiftly but also operates smoothly within the Shopify environment.

Handling Data: Ensuring the secure management of personal data and adhering to the regulations governing privacy.

Quality and User Experience

Dependability: It is crucial that the app operates smoothly without glitches and is updated on a consistent basis.

User-Friendly Design: The interface should be straightforward and enhance the overall user experience.

Customer Support

Accessibility: Providing timely and efficient assistance to address user questions and concerns.

Materials: Supplying complete documentation and guides.

In the digital age, the speed of your online store can either boost or bust your business. For Shopify merchants, understanding how to optimize your site’s speed is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Enter SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO App made specifically with Shopify in mind, carrying the prestigious ‘Built for Shopify’ badge.

Before we dive into SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO App, let’s discuss why speed and SEO are crucial for your Shopify store.

The Impact of Speed

If your Shopify store loads slowly, customers are likely to leave before they even see your products. Here’s why speed is vital:

User Experience: A speedy site provides a smooth, enjoyable shopping experience.

Conversion Rates: Faster sites see higher conversion rates. Even a one-second delay can lead to a significant loss in revenue.

Google Ranking: Speed is a ranking factor for Google. Faster sites are more likely to rank higher in search results, leading to more organic traffic.

Presenting SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO

SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO App is a specialized analysis App designed for Shopify store owners. It aids in comprehending and enhancing your website’s loading speed and overall efficiency.

Features and Tools of SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO

There are multiple features of SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO App you can benefit from:

Smart lazy loading: can help you optimize the speed of your google page.

Css and JS optimization: is important to improve performance of your site and make it load faster.

Page speed insights: Monitor your store’s real-time page speed for Mobile and Desktop

Meta tags Optimization: It can help you enhance your SEO strategies.

Image compression: is a crucial part when optimizing your website for SEO, it can shorten the load time being less time consuming for users.

Here’s why SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO is exceptional:

Tailored Metrics: Obtain insights that are specifically tailored to the Shopify platform.Personalized Advice: SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO App offers targeted, effective recommendations rather than the broad suggestions typical of other tools, highlighting its dedication to the Shopify environment.

How Does SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO Function?

Engaging with SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO entails several straightforward phases:

Evaluation: Initially, the instrument conducts a thorough evaluation of your store’s performance to pinpoint major inefficiencies and potential enhancements.

Advice: Following the evaluation, you are provided with tailored, practical suggestions designed to improve efficiency.

Execution: These adjustments can either be applied on your own or through the assistance of specialists recommended by SpeedBoostr.


SpeedBoostr: Google Speed ‑ SEO an app designed specifically for Shopify, can significantly boost your store’s performance. In today’s competitive e-commerce world, speed is key. With the “Built for Shopify” label, your store gains credibility and reaches a wider audience, helping you stand out. So, if you’re building a Shopify app, focus on making it excellent – that coveted badge could be yours!

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