Top 10 Shopify Developer Agencies to Watch for in 2024

Top 10 Shopify Developer Agencies to Watch for in 2024

In the constantly changing landscape of Shopify eCommerce platform, collaborating with an efficient Shopify developer agency is a crucial step towards the enhancement of your online store. With a number of agencies across the world claiming to be the best, picking the appropriate one can be a bit exhausting and challenging.

In this blog, we are going to introduce the top 10 Shopify developer agencies 2024 and also suggest ideas for choosing the right one for your online store.

1. WebPlanex InfoTech Solutions

WebPlanex is a prominent Shopify partner agency endorsed by Shopify, ensuring a high standard of service. Over the last couple of years, WebPlanex has made remarkable progress in the Shopify eCommerce field. This achievement is the primary reason we have positioned it at the top of our list.



WebPlanex has been the first choice for eCommerce businesses since its inception. They have expertise in providing cost-effective Shopify website development services. With a proven record of successfully delivering 2000+ projects on time to companies like CellTrust, Azova, BoardProspects has established WebPlanex as the best Shopify expert.

WebPlanex is a reliable partner of Shopify and built 10+ Shopify apps on the Shopify store, which got 5* ratings and 500+ customer favorable reviews.

2. Heycarson

Established in 2015, Heycarson is best known for its innovative solutions, offering a wide range of design and development services. Through their cutting-edge services, they make sure the company gets higher conversions and sales.


They have also collaborated with some famous brands like Midori, Lashify, Maika, Xena, and Desk Company and delivered the desired result.

Heycarson has a proven record of delivering projects successfully in the nick of time. Their services include Shopify store development, Shopify Plus, Shop Pay, Maestroo, and many more.

What Do They Offer?

  • User testing and collecting feedback
  • Shopify theme customizations
  • Design (UI/UX)
  • Store Optimization
  • Shopify theme setups and updates


3. BVA

BVA has been a proud Shopify Plus partner since 2016.Located in the United States, San Diego  excels at serving businesses with end-to-end eCommerce solutions. They are known for their strategic approach. In addition to eCommerce, they focus on providing Shopify web development and optimization services for Shopify merchants across the world.


They have a proven track record of launching some of the most valuable brands on Shopify Plus, including Kopari Beauty, MVMT Watches, Frame Denim, and many more.

BVA developers are good at:

  • Website UX Design and Development
  • Website Audit and Optimization
  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Ongoing Website Management
  • Custom Integration
  • Quick Launch Kits and Migration
4. Instinctools

Instinctools is a proficient eCommerce software product development company providing services to eCommerce organizations such as web development, app design (UI/UX), and mobile app development.


Instinctools, being a custom eCommerce development company, helps you with:

  • Building a highly-customizable eCommerce store
  • Enhancing conversion rates across all devices
  • Ensuring a delightful customer shopping experience
  • Simplifying the process of your eCommerce business
  • Enhancing the customer experience with AR and VR solutions
5. WPWeb Infotech

Founded in 2015, WPWeb Infotech has rapidly established itself as a leader in Shopify development. The agency is renowned for its bespoke solutions that enhance user engagement and drive sales. Their approach combines innovative strategies with detailed analytics to ensure that every Shopify store is optimized for performance and conversions.


WPWeb Infotech has partnered with notable brands across various sectors, consistently delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Their portfolio showcases a wide range of successful projects that underscore their technical expertise and creative prowess.

WPWeb Infotech is committed to excellence, offering comprehensive services that cover all aspects of Shopify development. Their offerings include:

What Do They Offer?

  • Shopify Store Setup and Configuration
  • Shopify Migration Services
  • Shopify Integration and Upgrade
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Shopify Third-Party Integration
  • Shopify Maintenance and Support Services
6. Liquify Design

Liquify Design is also the leading Shopify development agency we have added to the list. They offer a variety of eCommerce services to various eCommerce businesses. They provide full support to the customers who use the Shopify platform.


Being a trusted Shopify and Shopify Plus partner, Liquify Design provides the best Shopify expert services are as follows:

  • Shopify Theme Tweaks and Changes
  • Either Complete redeveloping or Store Facelift
  • Best SEO Strategies for Shopify store
  • Shopify Plus Services
  • Ensure Monthly Shopify Support Retainers
  • Custom Shopify App & Web Development
  • Migration to Shopify
  • Regular Shopify store audits
  • Logo and Branding
  • Paid Advertising and Data Feeds
  • Shopify Theme customization
7. EastsideCo

Started its journey in 2012, EastsideCo has established itself as a reliable Shopify Plus agency, providing eCommerce services to merchants to elevate their businesses. Being a Shopify Plus agency, they can host the Shopify community and interact with them.


They provide high-quality Shopify website development and Shopify migration services that include:

  • Shopify Web Design and Development
  • Shopify App Development
  • Shopify Ecommerce Marketing Strategies
  • Shopify SEO Marketing Strategies
  • Shopify Migration
  • Business Audit and Branding
  • Ongoing Shopify Support
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

EastsideCo helps eCommerce businesses with the inventory management, retail accounting, loyalty programmes, and subscription billing integrations to scale their online business. They were honoured with Yotpo partner awards in 2020.

8. Praella

Praella is one of the best Shopify developer agencies. Their Shopify Plus experts build D2C and B2B for well-known enterprises such as ALK-Abelo, Fenty Beauty, and BattlBox . They serve you with web & app development and theme customization services that undoubtedly elevate your brand.


The team at Praella worked on various projects and successfully delivered on time. They collaborated with brands such as CrunchLabs, The Brand Club, G-Form, Crate Club, and many more.

9. Dynamic Dreamz

The journey of Dynamic Dreamz began in 2004 with the purpose of helping companies boost their online presence.

Dynamic Dreamz

Dynamic Dreamz is a rapidly growing Shopify Plus agency fully focused on providing excellent Shopify, Magento, Laravel, BigCommerce, PHP/MySql,and WordPress services at the most affordable rates. From web designs to custom web development, they have shown their excellence in the last few years.

Qualities of Dynamic Dreamz

  • Understand your goals
  • Precise Project Management
  • Fully focused on every aspect of the project
  • Timely delivery of your project
10. Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a rapidly growing Shopify Development agency, located in the United States with offices in Miami, New York, Chicago, and California.


Digital Silk is an appropriate destination to meet your eCommerce requirements. From web design & development, digital marketing, and custom development to Shopify web development, they have got you covered.

Digital Silk provides you with additional services:

  • Ecommerce Web Design and Development
  • ERP Software Development
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Magento Web Design and Development
  • Branding
  • Website Cost Calculator

How to Pick the Right Shopify Development Company?

Define Your Goals

First of all, decide what your requirements are, be it web development, app rebuilding, website enhancement, or Shopify store optimization. Defining your goals will definitely help you with finding the best Shopify agency for your organization.

Budget Consideration

After knowing what your project needs,set a budget that you can afford. Find a Shopify agency that provides top-notch services within your budget.

Peep into the Agency’s Portfolio

Checking the portfolios of Shopify development companies will help you evaluate their expertise and range of work. Go through the projects similar to yours to judge their capabilities.


If possible, reach out to their previous clients for feedback. Apart from this, testimonials and case studies allow you to gain insights into a company’s reliability and past successful projects.

Strong Communication

Make sure that the agency you are going to pick for your project must have a strong medium for communication to give you timely updates on the progress of your project.

Technical Expertise

An agency with certified developers always gives the best output. Ensure the team of developers remains updated with the latest Shopify features and technologies.

Post-Development Support and Maintenance

Ensure the agency is providing post-website launch support and maintenance. A reliable and professional Shopify development company is always prepared to offer ongoing technical help and updates after developing the website.


Check out the list of the top 10 Shopify development companies and start a transformative journey for your eCommerce business. The above-mentioned tips will help you choose the right Shopify developer agency.

Remember, pick a company that not only meets your current requirements but also matches your vision and propels your eCommerce business to new heights.

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