Future prediction is tricky as, especially in the IT industry, it is more complex and riskier due to changes in technology. Just a little part of developments truly disrupt state of the art. Some are not practical or have less cost, some are ahead of the market, and sometimes some do not have a market. Never embraced various examples of first-rate technologies because others showed up on schedule or fared better in the market. Open source Technology moves fastly, and so do the people who generate and use it.

As 2021 doors to a close, now the time has come to review the technologies that will mark the year 2022. Presently, this 2022 year, should Information technology pay some special attention to open source technology. The most recent couple of years have seen the deployment of Open Source Software speed up quickly. But this will continue to develop as we push ahead. However, various reports are showing that the open-source services market rises up. The high growing utilizes of the Open Source Platforms Docker, Kubernetes, Fog computing much more. There are millions of applications that have taken place on these high-growing open-source platforms.

Open source software

What is open source software?

Open Source Software (OSS) refers to the computer code distributed under license. Anyone can modify, inspect, enhance and distribute the software for any purpose. Various types of software have been adopted differently in every field. That includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data mining, health software, nanotechnology, and so on.

Open-source software (OSS) is often cheaper, more flexible, and more durable than its proprietary peers because it is developed by communities rather than a single person or company.

Docker – Docker is an open-source containerization platform. Moreover, it’s a toolkit that makes it easier faster for the development to build, deploy and manage containers. Docker today refers to Docker, Inc., the most famous tool for generating containers whether developers use Windows, Linux, or macOS.
Kubernetes – Kubernetes is also an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. Kubernetes’ ability to handle increasingly sophisticated use cases is perhaps most evident in AI and Machine Learning(ML). It is becoming the best choice for serving AI/ML workload in production.

Open source report in which 75% of IT leaders said that they participate in growing the use of containers in their organizations. But, 89% see Kubernetes as key to cloud-native application strategies.

The adoption of Cloud computing will carry on to drive Open Source.

Cloud adoption is still catching on, and highly of that involves open-source. It is one of the most significant technologies to have emerged in the last few years, and even the next couples of years result in billions of dollars in investment. Cloud computing and open source have one common goal: to minimize costs by not paying licenses fees. It is generally acknowledged that open source software, cloud computing, would not have moved or grown as quickly. Currently, most cloud computing vendors utilize open-source software to develop their systems.

Top 5 Best Open Source cloud software

Cloud Stack
Apache Mesos

Meanwhile, Latest Trends in Blockchain and Bitcoin
Recently, blockchain technology is rapidly undergoing intense development due to interest from the industry sector. A blockchain is regarded to share an open-source transactional database for tracking digital currency transactions like Bitcoin, ETH, etc…

Open Source and Internet Of Things
The Internet of Things (loT) is fragmented and continuously changing. However, Open source plays a crucial role in generating loT platforms as ready-made prototypes in terms of development. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is together with loT and controls and clarifies a wide range of activities very smartly. There is no web without the use of Open-source technologies. Shortly, loT deployments are excepted to connect and accommodate worldwide with billions of devices, assets, sensors, and endpoints.

List of Open Source loT platforms

loT Toolkit
Site where


Top 10 trending open source technologies for 2022

Open Source Technology has been around for a surprisingly long time a flourishing worldwide local area has developed around, it, so code is shared among engineers, and everybody can test rebuild and gain from one another as the business has started taking open-source technology in almost every vertical many current technologies have used open source as their very foundation.

Mixed reality
Open source technologies
Progressive web apps
Internet of things
Big data analytics
Cloud computing
Machine learning

10 Best Open Source Mobile App Development software in 2022

The mobile app development trends show the best growth in open source development frameworks like PhoneGap, NativeScript using languages such as Javascript, CSS, etc. This allows developers to use the best core features of Android, iPhone such as sound, Geo-location, contacts, etc.

Build fire

However, open-source software grows steadily. Open Source software is an integral growth market like cloud computing, Industry 4.0, blockchain-based, etc. Open source continues to evolve, and the spirit of open new project-based development will continue to help reshape the technology industry and how enterprises do business. Overall, Open source is shaping up to be a major part of IT this 2022, with a high range of development that highly affect enterprise IT.