QR code Application July 1, 2016

Webplanex and scanlink

Revolutionizing QR Code Experiences: Webplanex’s Collaborative Endeavor with canLink to Shape ScanLink – The Ultimate Cloud-Based Mobile Content Creation and Management Platforma

Webplanex took center stage in the collaboration with canLink, the cloud-based mobile content creation and management platform. As the driving force behind ScanLink, Webplanex played a pivotal role in shaping the innovative landscape of QR code generation and mobile interaction.

canLink’s dynamic Data Matrix and Quick Response (QR) codes were destined for a seamless and user-friendly realm. Through the partnership with Webplanex, these codes evolved into more than just links; they became gateways to immersive, engaging, and purposeful experiences.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Webplanex streamlined the process of QR code generation and content management, making it a breeze for users to create, control, and measure their interactive mobile initiatives. The result? A harmonious blend of creativity and measurable outcomes.

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    QR Code Application

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    PHP, MySQL, Codeignator, HTML5, CSS3

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Unlocking New Dimensions of QR Code Innovation: Webplanex’s Pivotal Role in Shaping ScanLink, the Cloud-Based Mobile Content Creation and Management Platform, Revolutionising QR Code Generation and Empowering Engaging Mobile Interaction

Innovative QR Code Generation

ScanLink, powered by canLink and Webplanex, delivers dynamic Data Matrix and QR codes that transcend traditional links, transforming into gateways for immersive and engaging experiences.

Seamless Mobile Interaction

The collaborative effort between Webplanex and canLink ensures that the QR codes seamlessly connect mobile users with specific on-demand content, enhancing user engagement.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

Webplanex's expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies enhances QR code generation, making it user-friendly and efficient, while ensuring optimal content management.

Empowering Interactive Initiatives

With ScanLink, users can easily create, manage, and measure interactive mobile initiatives, fostering creativity and delivering tangible outcomes.

Harmonious Blend of Creativity and Measurement

The collaboration between canLink and Webplanex results in QR codes that offer not only engaging experiences but also measurable results, providing a holistic solution for interactive campaigns.

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