OCR Scanner App Development- A Complete Guide

OCR Scanner App Development- A Complete Guide

The first thing we all have to understand is that we are moving into the digital domain. There are a lot of things that change the way and lifestyle of all human beings. The previous day’s task requires a lot of paperwork and time until the days are gone. However, we can now scan documents in the OCR scanner app. The app has made it easy for us to share and save energy and effort. These are all things made easy through OCR scanner app development.

The app made it easy to transform your smartphone into a document scanner app for Android with OCR technology which will turn your scan documents with the phone camera or album into regular text. The popularity of these apps is these app having ability to convert scanned images into text. The users can print or save the converted text in Word format and print or save the converted text into Word format. OCR scanner app development is affordable and the best way to convert physical documents into digital ones. However, many mobile applications support this functionality through iOS and Android Applications. However, you can save, store, edit, process, or translate documents or files whenever you require using this OCR Scanner app development.

Moreover, this blog will help you get more details about the OCR scanner app development. It also might increase your interest in the development of the OCR scanner application. So, let’s move further and know what it means, the features, and the cost of developing the OCR scanner app development.

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What is ocr (optical character recognition)?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is also known as the process of automatically identifying the image, characters, or symbols belonging to a particularised alphabet. However, if you required to know what is important. What are the features and costs of developing the OCR Scanner app? The text of the image has been identified and can utilize. It can highly used in smartphones.

  • Please save it to storage.
  • Process or edit it
  • Translate it into other languages

Features of ocr scanner app development

All the apps have some beneficial features for the users utilizing it. Generally, there are two users of this kind of OCR scanner mobile app development. One is users, and another is admin.

  • Users who generate, manage, share, and convert the files and all their management. Admin has a role in the back-end that controls the users and features of the mobile OCR application.
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User panel ocr scanner

Ocr scanner app user panel features

Thinking first about the requirement of the users is very important. You must understand when working on these that taking care of the user’s needs is essential. However, a few features need to be included to make it easier for the users and understand the functioning and operation of the OCR Scanner app development.

  • Registration : – This is the first step of the OCR scanner app development. The app users will use this section to register into the app by using their social media account or by their existing email ID.
  • Login: – After registration, the second step for the users is Log-in to the app. He/she can even stay logged in by using their login credentials. (Username and password).
  • Document format conversion: – A document by users can be uploaded and converted into another format through the application. They can input the document by upload from their phone or by scanning it from their phone or camera.
  • Several Input formats: – Must support an OCR app with PDF, image, text & word files. Users can input any of the formats as per the user’s requirements.
  • Several output formats: – After the user has completed the upload, edit, and select language. However, users pick out the output layout they wish the record to be transformed into. Likewise, the users can select the text, word file & excel.

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  • Save and manage documents: – Users in the OCR scanner app development can see/edit/download/delete the saved documents.
  • Usage of Filters: – Once the document is uploaded, the users will be able to use the filter and apply it. The channel will involve colors and brightness and or effects.
  • Manage profile: – A user can deal with his/her profile by refreshing the individual data and playing out the setting according to their preferences.
  • Push notification: – It is the best feature for every app. However, users get important notification when the admin carries out any update or want to update users about anything new.
  • Convert into multiple languages: – The user works with uploading & editing the document. The system asks them for the language in which they want to display the text and the output file. However, there is various language from which the users have to pick one.
  • Multipage Document Assist: – In this section, the users can scan various document pages at one time and convert them.

Ocr scanner app admin panel features

Admin plays a vital role in the OCR app. The admin takes care of all aspects of the app. The admin takes care of the whole process in the app. However, they require to look into the language used, some pending tasks, saving a document, file type, etc.

  • Login : – This permit the admin to get into the app using the log-in credentials.
  • Dashboard : – From this section, the admin can monitor all the users, uploaded documents, highly used formats and major languages, and document conversion.
  • User Management : – As we discussed first, the admin plays an essential role in the whole thing managed by the Admin. The admin will manage the entire users associated with the app.
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  • Language management : – At the time of conversion, the users used the various languages managed by the admin.
  • Notification : – In this feature, the admin gets a piece of information regarding user activity.
  • View conversion : – It allows the admin to view and manage file conversion. Each record in this feature offers information about the converted documents and the users.
  • Report and Analytics : – This feature is real-time reports about users, document conversion, and the most used formats and files can be known. The report and analytics reports are the functioning of the application.
  • Sharing management : – These features help the admin control who can share all the necessary information and content in the application.

How much does it cost to develop an ocr scanner app development?

The first thing that no one can think or say is the exact cost of the app development. Numerous factors can affect the number invested in your project. However, from this blog, you have got the whole idea, features, and technologies used to consider in your OCR app development. There are several features numbers of the platform that can directly impact your app development budget.

Building a simple OCR scanner app development requires less cost; if you add more advanced features, it costs more. The cost also depends upon the team you are hiring for the OCR scanner app development. If anyone needs an hourly basis, an app development company will charge you based on their available engagement models.

Development of a simple OCR app for a single platform, iOS or Android, with all essential features and design will cost less. However, our developers offer the best OCR scanner app development benefits at the lowest cost. Before moving further or hiring the best team, ensure they are familiar with your app background. Check the review or feedback given by the previous client. A higher rating team will charge more and deliver you the best product.

Wrapping up

Here, you will get the whole idea about OCR scanner app development, its features, advantages, and cost for development. This unique and best feature is excellent for people with an intelligence score. If you think of the OCR scanner app development team, you must take care of your reliable web development team. Webplanex can help in making your idea a reality. Moreover, our qualified professional team of design and app developers will know every technology and development technique used in OCR software development. So, call us to discuss your innovative idea, and we will start immediately.

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