Best Top 10 Backend languages for Web Development

Best Top 10 Backend languages for Web Development

Backend languages use back-end programming languages to fulfil those requests on the server-side. If you are a beginner in web development, you must know some of the famous backend languages for web development. You might be confused about which language is best for your web development. However, several questions come to mind about which languages to choose. Backend frameworks give ready-to-use components for developing dynamic web applications. Each website requires a database that manages and stores all the information.

When it comes to backend web development. Many things required backend programming language to make the website function and various tools and technologies. No worries, things can become convenient and easier for the backend developers if they pick the proper one. There are multiple sets of backend development available in the tech world. It includes programming languages, frameworks, database management systems, testing and deployment tools, etc.

This blog aims to clear doubt by giving complete detailed knowledge about backend languages for web development. First, however, we have listed the top 10 backend languages for web development in this blog.

What is backend development?

Backend development is everything that users can’t see and contains behind-the-scenes activities that occur when any action on a website. Backend development called server-side development. However, primarily it focuses on the database, backend logic, APIs, and servers. It is a combination of servers, applications, and databases.

Top 10 best backend languages for web development



Javascript is a famous programming language. At present, it is not wrong to say Javascript is one of the most trending programming languages for web development. However, Javascript highly utilised for both backend and frontend development. In recent 2022 Javascript has become megapopular. It also plays a vital role in front-end development as well.

On the other hand, javascript is the most highly preferred and leading programming language globally. The language offers many languages, including rich features, virtual availability of enormous resources, and interoperability.

Javascript is highly denoted by “JS” it is a language used for server-side and front-end tasks. NodeJS, Express, and Meteor JS are one of the most used JS Frameworks. It gives the best community support and is also considered one of the top programming languages in the industry. It also said that Javascript is the best friend of HTML and CSS.

Pros of using Javascript backend language for web development

  • Object-oriented programming languages
  • Client-side validation
  • Lightweight scripting
  • Community support
  • Dynamic typing
  • Helping develop a diverse and wide range of applications
  • It runs on every platform, such as mobile devices and servers


Python is an open-source language that has emerged as one of the most famous and essential languages for developers. It is used for web development as well as data analysis. Python is an interpreted language, so there is no complication required to run it. One best advantage that is used for web development is due to its vast collection of standard libraries. Python compatibility with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning(ML), Data Science, Internet of Things(IoT).


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Due to its readability, versatility, functionality, and compatibility, leading tech giants like Google rely on Python. So highly used in a programming language to learn even for non-programmers because of its easy syntax.

Pros of using Python backend language for web development

  • Offers a wide range of support libraries.
  • Driven by Object-oriented programming
  • Support various platforms and systems
  • Improves the productivity of developers and programmers
  • Highly focus on the readability of the code


PHP means PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, and it is one of the best backend languages for web development. Established in 1994, it is a dynamic and open-source scripting language. PHP is used for server-side functionality and makes deploying or submitting, and confirming your code much easier with deployment tools and capabilities. However, PHP runs on almost every major operating system like Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc. Therefore, it is a highly productive programming language used in the field of web development. For example, one famous and giant social media application developed in PHP is Facebook.

Pros of using PHP backend language for web development

  • Easy to use and developing web pages
  • Highly supportive of automation tools for application testing and deploying
  • Support functional and object-oriented programming paradigms.
  • It offers a massive ecosystem along with excellent community support.


First thing C# is also known as C sharp. It has a Microsoft-developed OOP language created by foundations. C# is a highly used programming language and similar to java. It is also used as a backend language for web development. Also highly designed as a part of the .Net framework to develop various applications. It is excellent and efficient to use for Android, iOS, and Linux platforms.

C# has a legion of frameworks and libraries since it has been in the IT field for over 20 years. In addition, it is highly used for server-side programming, windows platform software, and games development.

C Language

Pros of using C# backend language for web development

  • It is an object-oriented programming language
  • Many functions are available in C++ standard programming language
  • C++ also supports pointers
  • It also used the programming language
Go Langauge


Go is also known as Golang. Google generated it in 2007 based on the syntax of the C language. It is one of the top 5 programming languages by developers worldwide. Go allows developers to build scalable and secure web applications more efficiently. It permits the developers to build scalable and secure web applications more efficiently. Therefore, Golang is an ideal choice for backend web development.

Pros of using Go backend language for web development

  • Easy to learn
  • Readable code
  • Best support for multithreading
  • Package management
  • Support concurrency
  • High performance
  • Powerful standard library


Ruby is a famous backend language for web development and the most robust programming language. During the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto, Ruby, a programming language code. However, it also known as open-source, object-oriented dynamic, and reflective language. It follows a principle called POLA (Principle Of Least Astonishment) which means that language reduces the confusion for experienced users. Ruby is an active community of supporting developers. Ruby’s simple and expansive code makes it easy to use, even for complex development projects. The language is very flexible and highly used for back-end web development processes combined with the Ruby on Rails framework. In addition, it is a rich language with 6000+ libraries.


Pros of utilising Ruby backend language for web development

  • Faster development
  • Large standard library
  • Automate garbage collection
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy to learn

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Java is an object-oriented programming language that highly used for developing enterprise-scale web applications. Java is additionally the best, fantastic programming language for backend web development. It is use on various famous websites like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc. It is also a platform-independent various-purpose programming language and has been noted for decades. There are various frameworks available today that are highly based on java. Many companies have adopted it due to its stability. It is one of the best and most important languages for web development in 2022. Java is a component-rich, interpreted, and robust programming language that gives high efficiency to developers. It is a versatile language that you can use with many digital platforms. However, It includes mobile devices and computers to create web, mobile, and desktop applications and tools.

Pros of using Java backend language for web development

  • Support distributed computing and multithreading
  • Follows the system stack allocation
  • Permit a great deal of the platform independence with the help of JVM.
  • Give automatic garbage collection and memory allocation.


Perl is an abstract for Practical Extraction and reporting language. It is a multipurpose programming language used in multiple activities, including system administration, network programming, web development, etc. For example, Perl can handle encrypted web data that permits secure ecommerce transactions. However, it is similar to C and is easy for users who know C and C++.


Pros of using Perl backend language for web development

  • It provides support for cross-platform and is compatible with mark-up languages like HTML, XML, etc.
  • Very efficient in text manipulation
  • Available for various server platforms
  • Affordable cost

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C Plus Plus


C++ is a general and high-level object-oriented programming language that helps programmers to write fast. C++ is a backend language for web development. It gives rich library support in the form of a standard template library (STL). It is very faster than other programming languages, and it provides concurrent support. Many high-level libraries use C++ as the core programming language. Machine learning libraries use c++ as the backend programming language.

Pros of using C# backend language for web development

  • It is an object-oriented programming language
  • Many functions are available in C++ standard programming language
  • C++ also supports pointers
  • It also used the programming language


Kotlin is a backend programming language for the Java virtual machine known as JVM. Kotlin is a useful programming language that supports object-oriented and functional programming highlights. The vast benefits Kotlin offers are its complete interoperability with Java and the high help of all java libraries. The Kotlin language for web development and further developed versatility. However, it’s a suggested language for android development.


Pros of using Kotlin backend language for web development

  • Easy to learn
  • Android app development
  • Highly support web and desktop application development

Wrapping up

This blog helps you gain all the basic knowledge of the best backend languages for web development. The web development requirement entirely depends upon the budget. The perfect fit language for you. The above top 10 backend language for web development you can pick for your business-level programs. Moreover, you must also gain basic information about the backend languages. Everything in today’s world has moved to the web in our daily lives. So, if you have any doubt about the backend language for web development, contact webplanex.


Which backend language is fastest for web development?
There are various types of backend languages available. However, there is no doubt as javascript is the king of web development. It is a language that permits you to create web applications for both frontend and backend.

Is Perl suitable for web development?
Perl is a back-end language perfect for web development as it is effortless to understand and use.

Does anyone require a backend for the app development?
The app development means the development which occurs at the server-side. However, the backend is necessary for a mobile app that stores secure and processes the data.

Why is Backend needed?
The best reason for the backend is hosting. For example, if you build an HTML-based web app, you need some way to host it so your users can access it.

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