Various ways to set up a Shopify Referral program

Various ways to set up a Shopify Referral program

Around us, we are seeing that in COVID-19, ecommerce platforms are booming. Shopify has long been viewed as one of the most famous and strong eCommerce stages for its flexibility. One of the best features for Shopify, apart from its competitors, is a pool of dynamic applications which can be utilized to construct Shopify Store independent of their size. So its good to use the Shopify referral program.

For the Shopify store, each business owner thinks about the high sales. If you want to attract more customers to your Shopify store, then a referral program is a natural and proper way to do it. It helps both merchants and customers love referral programs. However, it increases the sales of the Shopify store, and the customers get their rewards for every successful Referral. Store owners can easily build a referral program on Shopify with the help of the best Cashback reward program. As you probably are aware, marketing is one of that, not the most successful methods for advertising your business. However, there are lots of referral program apps to choose from.

All you require is to choose the proper referral plugin, and you are best to go. In this blog, let’s discuss in depth that what is meaning of the Referral program, why it’s needed, and various features of using the Shopify best Referral program and its working of it. So, let’s start with its meaning.

What is referral program

What is referral program?

Shopify Referral program is a movement of running a Referral campaign in your Shopify Store. This helps to have a group of happy customers who have already referred your products to their network. The program must be automated and loaded with customer engagement features like various referral rewards, Referral emails, and many more.

We have discussed the Webplanex cashback reward program that helps you easily set up and run a referral program. In addition, anyone can offer a percentage, discount, or free shipping coupons as a Referral program in general.

Before moving further into the process, let’s take a quick look at why a referral program is required for your Shopify store.

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Why is referral program needed for your shopify store?

Presently you are looking to build your customer base. So you need more customers. So you set a way to obtain new clients before understanding how costly it is. This is where the referral program becomes possibly the most important factor. It is good to run a referral program and ask your faithful existing clients without spending out much. At this time, a referral program comes to a current role.

Run a Referral program and ask your faithful all to refer their friends to your store and earn their best rewards. However, this will encourage your customer, and they’ll start referring their friends doing this; you will achieve two things. Let’s see what are that two things.

  • You get new clients naturally, without much cost. However, individual people believe in recommendations from their friends.
  • The rewards which offered for each effective Referral will assist you with retaining your existing customers and foster customer loyalty.
  • Presently, you not only acquire new customers as well as hold your current client in a single, smart move.
Why is referral program needed for your shopify store
Various the benefits of using a shopify referral program

Various the benefits of using a shopify referral program?

A Referral program offers various benefits to an eCommerce store and important benefits that minimize the need to acquire new customers by retaining existing customers. There are multiple benefits available for the Shopify Referral program.

  • Clients trust referrals, so it expands the validity.
  • A referral program boosts your client’s retention rate.
  • You can build your reach and expose your store to another crowd involving your clients as brand advocates.
  • Help to expand customer loyalty
  • Help you engage with your customers better
  • Referred customers are more faithful to the store.
  • Referred customers will quite often buy more.
  • Highly help to drive more sales in your Shopify Store
  • Customer Referral programs have a better ROI.
  • The Shopify Reference program helps your customer’s retention rate and balances out your income.

Features that make cashback rewards program the best referral program for shopify store

  • Variety of referral programs on your store  :  – Design an on-brand referral program page and popup, and you can decide to show them.
  • Maximize the ability to enhance branding : – Easily modify the look and feel of the reference programs to match your brand flows.
  • Reward rules : – Set reference reward rules for both sides and decide the minimum order amount and expiration date for coupons to improve the call to action effectively.
  • Dedicated support service : – 24X7 free support services.
  • Fraud detection : – The unparalleled free reference program can identify the referrer’s email at checkout to prevent scams.
  • User-friendly tools for international stores : – flexible with various currencies and multi-language.
  • Analytics and management : – Keep track of the refer a friend performance effortlessly and take in-depth analytics.
  • Email marketing ( coming soon) : – The cashback reward program spreads your referral program out with email marketing campaigns.
Features that make cashback rewards program
Working of the referral program

Working of the referral program

A Referral program works by inviting your current customers to become brand representatives. They join your reference promoting the program and get a unique code or link to impact their network. Here is an example from Webplanex. Your referral programming tracks the action of a client’s code or link. If someone purchases using it, the referrer will earn a reward.

Wrapping up

Why spend so much on acquiring new customers when you can simply run a customer referral program in your Shopify store? Likewise, we have recommended the best reference application to bring in cash on your Shopify Store- Webplanex Cashback Reward Program. We trust that with the help of the Cashback Reward program, your referral program will soon be a major success, and your business will become greater. Unfortunately, many owners think launching a referral program is hard; we need to show it isn’t as hard as they think.

We hope that with the help of the Webplanex Cashback Reward program will be a big success, and your business will skyrocket.

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