Electrician App development:- Features, Cost, and Working Model.

Electrician App development:- Features, Cost, and Working Model.

In this present era, electricity is the most important essential thing to survive on the earth. Moreover, we can say that everyone’s life becomes uncomfortable without electricity. Thus due to this importance of electricity, the rise of electricians also increases. We required electricity all day long today, and nothing can take its place. So to handle the daily related activity, electrician app development needed.

Different problems arise like power fluctuation; electrical surges cause flickering lights, misfires, or short circuits. However, all know that everything is not possible with our hands. To repair an electrical appliance, we must contact a professional electrician to give us the best services. But sometimes we have faced so many problems while searching for electricians. Whenever you require immediate service or repair, your electrical product is good to use the on-demand electrician app.

The application is a way that helps people to find various electricians near the location at any time and anywhere. Electrician app is one of the favorite on-demand electrician apps as you can book multiple services. It includes services like repairing electric equipment like TV, Washing machine, air conditioner, etc.

It had recently swiped the conventional approach to tracking down-solid electrical technicians through the references, advertisements, or by asking the neighbors. Thus here, get the best fundamental ideation about the advancements, characteristics, and cost parameters attuned to on-demand electrician mobile apps.

However, launching an electrician mobile app is helpful for the business, owners, and users. So first, now let’s talk about the significant features of this electrician app development.

What Are The Features Of Electrician App Development?

When discussing the features of the on-demand electrician app, our professional expert team investigates every possibility. We attempt to coordinate every one of the potential highlights you would require. We will first discuss the features, as there are three panels in the electrician app development, which are as follows.

Features electrician app admin panel

Features for Electrician App Admin panel

  • Admin Login in Dashboard The first thing is that the admin has to log in to the dashboard. Admin is the person who handles all the details. However, the admin manages the number of active users pending and completed booking lists.
  • Electrician and users Management Many electricians and users entered into the app. However, the admin verifies all the users and electricians.
  • Service Management There are many services available in electrician app development. The services like repairs, fixtures, etc., are any services the users can choose which are managed by the admin. However, all the products your on-demand electrician app gives solutions are enlisted and managed by the admin.
  • Payment Management Every transaction in the app is managed by the admin. The admin has the right to verify all user’s transactions. In addition, the admin manages all the income created via in-app purchases and subscription packages.
  • Reports The admin generates various reports. Moreover, reports related to incoming orders payments generated that offers most loved and used. Peak hours when the information most ordered are placed handled by the admin.
  • App marketing One of the best features in electrician app development is app marketing. Under this feature, the admin handles all the promotional contents, banners, email, and templates.
  • Feedback and review management The users give feedback and reviews about the electrician services. However, the admin manages all given feedback and review.

Features for Electrician App User Panel

  • Login first and prominent feature of the electrician app user panel is log in. After installing the app, users have to log in and fill in all the necessary information. However, the app allows you to log in through various social media platforms like Facebook. So this will help users quickly sign up.
  • Search an electrician After the login process, the users will start searching for the best electrician in their nearby area.
  • Select Electrician Users can select the best electrician desired by them and provide all services they look to avail.
Features electrician app user panel
  • Request a service Once users search the best electrician completed. The users will request a service by providing the time and location where the services are needed to be performed.
  • Payment Procedure However, when users select the best services, it’s time for the payment procedure. Make the payment of services to seek the electrician’s best services.
  • Check offers availability In the various app, there are various offers available. Users can check the available offers as well. They can see various discounts available on different services and provide them when required.
  • Cancel Booking Due to some emergency, the users need to cancel the booking. However, this is one of the best features for the users where users can cancel the booking due to unavailability.
  • Give feedback Last after all the services are taken from the electrician. The users have to give the best feedback about the services provided by the electrician.
Electrician app electrician panel

Features for Electrician App Electrician Panel

  • Register In this section, the electrician must register in the app. It is the same as a user how login. Electricians have to fill in all the necessary information which asked to fill in the app. However, they can also register with the login ID or other social media networks.
  • Accept/ reject appointment Electricians are busy with their schedules. Sometimes, the electrician also rejects the appointment due to the heavy workload.
  • Manage profile Important features where electricians can manage the profiles by adding their years of expertise, experience, and many more.
  • Manage availability The electrician can also manage their availability. Here in these features, the users can set the status to busy if they are occupied with some task. In addition to that, sometimes they can set it free once the task is completed.
  • Receive Payment Electricians can also accept the payment method via integrated payment models. Users can pay by various modes like a credit card, debit card, Paypal, etc.
  • Customer review In this feature, the electrician can also look at the review or feedback given by the customer.

Some Advanced Features For Electrician App Development

  • GPS Tracking First, an advanced feature of electrician app development is GPS tracking. With the help of GPS tracking features, the electrician can track the exact locations to reach the customers. It also helps the users to track that electrician man is coming on the right path.
  • In-App Messaging Electricians and users can stay connected with the communication channels such as SMS, Emails, etc. However, they can interact with the electrician and discuss the timing, location, and different other facilities.
Electrician app developments
  • Auto estimate arrival time Due to these advanced features, the user can auto estimate the arrival time of the electrician. This feature permits the users to track the electrician’s live locations and estimate their time to reach. Moreover, this is an advanced feature where users guide electricians if they lose the way.
  • Notifications Sending messages is one of the important points in the app. However, the notification also plays an important role. All the messages related to order and payment confirmation, new offers, discounts, etc., message to the users. Moreover, it keeps the users connected with the app by displaying the advent time of the electrician assigned.
  • Multi-location access This advanced features the users can view the electrician from various locations. Thus, with these features’ help, the users can also find the best electricians within their area.
  • Payment models Various payment models involved in electrician booking. It includes payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, payment gateway, net banking, etc. However, this permits the users to make easy payments.
  • Customer loyalty program One of the great ways of attracting the users and giving them the reason to visit your app again. However, the users get rewards and discounts upon various referrals if they use the app for a long time.
Working on demand electrician

Working Of On-demand Electrician App

Before moving further with on-demand electrician app development or platform, anyone should know more about its working. Let’s first discuss the working of an on-demand electrician app development.

  • First steps users should create a profile easily by adding all personal information like name, location, contact number, etc.
  • Users can give their contact numbers and emails addresses for verification.
  • Same way, electricians also have to create their profiles. In addition to that, they have to provide his services and his charges.
  • Users can search for the best electrician they require by applying filters to check their charges, profile, and availability.
  • After this, all process users can connect with the electrician and easily communicate with each other.
  • After all the electrician’s services, now it is time for the payment. However, there are various modes of payment available where users can choose.
  • The electrician asks users to provide the best feedback or review the payment.

Last step this how the electrician mobile app works for both the electricians and users.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An On-demand Electrician App?

Every business and its requirement are unique. Developing a mobile app is a lengthy and complicated process and takes a much longer time. Thus, an on-demand electrician app’s cost highly depends on various factors. Various steps should follow when any mobile application development is done. However, it includes designing, back-end development, features, coding, testing, etc.

Create an on demand electrician

Rather than this, the development cost also includes paying for UI/UX developers, quality, assurance of the app. Moreover, the overall electrician app development companies charge on per hour basis according to the complexities. The current hourly standards range from $20-$30, which can be considered sensible for growing such applications. According to the cost structure, it takes around $2000-$5000 to develop electrician app development.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, If you are looking to develop the best electrician app development. In addition to that looking for the best company that gives top-notch services, you can consult us. Webplanex Infotech is one of the best electrician app development companies giving the best quality services for building robust apps. In addition, these articles will get the whole idea about working, features, and costing.

So, not to wait, Hire on-demand electrician app developers from Webplanex infotech and get the best services.

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