Webplanex and Cell Beat

Unleashing Your Musical Expression

Cell Beat offers you the opportunity to upload your own music and create personalized ringtones through our innovative Ringtone Creator.

With our platform, you can download free ringtones for your iPhone or Android device, enhancing your mobile phone experience. All ringtones are available in either mp3 or m4r format, ensuring compatibility with your device.

Webplanex collaborates with Cell Beat, harnessing the power of WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 to unleash your musical expression. Our seamless integration of these technologies provides a user-friendly platform where you can easily upload and create custom ringtones.

With the versatility of WordPress, the functionality of PHP, the interactivity of jQuery, and the enhanced design capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3, we offer a seamless and engaging experience.

Experience the joy of personalized ringtones with Cell Beat today. With WebplaneX’s technological expertise, we empower you to express your musical taste through exceptional ringtone creation. Trust Cell Beat and WebplaneX for a dynamic and customizable mobile phone experience.

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    Rington Creator

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    WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

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Your Experience, Your Responsibility: Understanding Cellbeat.com’s Commitment and Guidelines

Content Liability

Cellbeat.com states that it does not have responsibility for the content on other websites accessed through its products or services. They emphasize that they will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or damages incurred as a result of using such content.

Copyright Infringement

Cellbeat.com acknowledges the importance of intellectual property rights and commits to responding to notices of alleged copyright infringement. They state that they will disable or remove access to material if it is proven to be infringing, in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Copyright Infringement Notification

Cellbeat.com provides instructions for individuals who believe their copyrighted work has been infringed. They outline the information required, such as a description of the copyrighted work, the location of the infringing material, and contact details of the person making the claim.

Disclaimers Regarding Charges

Cellbeat.com clarifies that charges incurred by users are not the responsibility of the website itself but may come from advertisers or partners. They state that they do not control, operate, or manage the third-party websites or offers that users may encounter through advertisements on the website.

Responsibility for Mobile-Phone Charges

Cellbeat.com informs users that if they choose to download and send ringtones to their mobile devices, they will be responsible for any fees charged by their service provider for delivering the content. They emphasize that they cannot be held accountable for charges received from advertisers or partners.

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