Indoor Navigation App Development Cost, Benefits

Indoor Navigation App Development Cost, Benefits

Are you there in airports, malls, or universities? However, these places are too long, and reaching the exact destination takes lots of time. Finding the exact corner of any place in the world becomes too easy. Thanks to GPS (Global Positioning System). The question comes to mind is it perfect for finding the hidden location inside various places? In this modern period, people are constantly on the move from one place to another. However, at that time, Indoor navigation app development came around as a blessing at that time. As GPS technology is not only for the outdoor but also when it comes to finding your indoor ways. This Indoor navigation app development is necessary for various places. It includes shopping centers, malls, restaurants, big complexes, etc. The requirement of the indoor navigation app is for large buildings, not small projects.

An application like Google Indoor Maps has helped people navigate inside any infrastructure with the help of the latest advanced technology. However, all know that everyone has a mobile phone apart from calling there are lots of functionalities available. It assists you in locating the best way by giving you all real-time instructions until you reach the proper destination. Moreover, a smartphone can do it by using GPS applications. An indoor navigation app based on augmented reality is highly-designed for small areas and shows exact locations by accessing the integrated GPS Maps.

However, our dedicated team at Webplanex has been helping to develop indoor navigation apps capable of giving various benefits to owners and visitors. Several questions come to mind: what is the use of this indoor navigation app, its features, etc. Let’s have a deep dive and know-how indoor navigation app development works.

But, before moving further, you should understand what an indoor navigation app is.

GPS navigation apps

What is the indoor navigation app?

Like outdoor GPS navigation apps, indoor navigation app helps users to find various locations. However, there are still many big buildings where the GPS navigation system is not working. This allows services to help quickly locate the various spaces like airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This app shows users standing positions on the map and gives the best shortest path to reach the proper destination. So, it’s very good for Indoor navigation app development.

For the best Indoor navigation app, it requires the following things.

  • The app requires a destination facility map
  • A smartphone with the app installed
  • The indoor navigation app needs back-end servers for indoor destinations.

Useful of indoor navigation app.

The useful of indoor navigation app development users that how to use the particular app. However, you will see various technology has added value to the applications and given better services. Additionally, this indoor navigation app development is given the best and most reliable when the building like a shopping center, malls, airports, and railway stations. Advanced technology has also not been used in these various places; however, many other businesses are also started using it. Nowadays, it is also highly useful in colleges, hospitals, warehouses, offices, etc.

The Indoor navigation apps are not useful for various businesses, but they also benefit the various users. The apps allow easy search for the users and maps in real-time due to the easy navigation. The app makes the whole process very easy and highly contains options for the voice destination. Users get more benefits like the shortest and easiest way. As a result, the best indoor navigation app development is advantageous to businesses and users.

Indoor navigation app development
Indoor navigation apps

How does the indoor navigation app work?

Indoor Navigation apps help the users identify their proper destination without wasting time. There is no specific requirement that the users have only a mobile application to reach the proper destination. The working of the Indoor navigation app is effortless and easy. However, it works on ultrasound, ultra-wideband, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology based on location accuracy. The Indoor positioning system leverage the internal sensors of your smartphone to calculate the device’s indoor position using a complicated algorithm. However, this combines incoming data which comes from sensors in the best way for calculating the accurate positioning of the device. In addition, if anyone requires an accurate positioning result and smooth user experience. The Indoor navigation app requires 3 main elements, which are as follows.

  • Underlying the dynamic positioning system platform
  • Serving signals to the positioning system
  • Beacons broadcast signals received from the smartphone.

The Indoor navigation app project combines the data from different sources to calculate a user’s position. However, mainly for the best indoor navigation app to work well, it requires the best set of functionalities, as discussed below.

  • A facility map
  • Mobile phone with a dedicated app
  • Fingerprinting and BLE Beacons
  • Back-end server indoor navigation calculation is an accelerated process.

Businesses get benefits from indoor navigation app development.

The main thing to get this indoor navigation app development is to help users find locations inside the larger building where GPS doesn’t work. Business like warehouses, offices, etc. occupies large spaces. It is very difficult for new visitors to navigate the building. The main functionality of these apps is positioning, push notification, navigating, sending the notification, collecting visitors’ data, etc. Let’s further understand everyone.

Send notification
  • Push notification : – This notifies the users regarding the places and locations by only sending the push notification on the user’s mobile. However, other than this, indoor positioning apps offer huge benefits to businesses.
  • Positioning : – The technology permits finding the perfect exact positioning of any place inside the large building. It includes shopping complexes, hospitals, or any person standing in parking.
  • Navigation : – The technology helps find a quick way and helps users reach their final destination quickly without any difficulty.
  • Send Notification : – Businesses can quickly generate trigger-based events by analyzing the visitor history. However, they can send notifications to the visitors often visiting that specific place.
  • Collect the data of visitors : – User’s data is important for any business, and the AI integrated indoor positioning apps help users to collect visitor data.
Global positioning system

Technology requires for indoor navigation app development.

Technology is essential for app development. Various types of technology are used to develop indoor navigation apps development. Lots of effort is involved in developing apps. Let here discuss some of them.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) : – This is one of the most generally involved in the navigation space; in any case, it neglects accurate navigation position inside a building. The technology fails to give the perfect navigation or positioning inside the largest building. However, it works properly in large/low rise buildings like airports and hospitals, but it fails to find the floor number. So, GPS is not proper for indoor but perfect for outdoor navigation systems.
  • Beacon Based Indoor Navigation : – When it comes to Indoor navigation, Beacon is yet another type of famous technology that is highly used. Beacons can do the best work like other trendy indoor positioning technologies like Beacon-based and AR-based used for route visualization.

Using 2000 battery-powered Bluetooth low energy beacons installed at the airport gives excellent accuracy. But according to the apple documentation, this technology is approx. One can’t depend on signal strength. If you consider other factors like cost, battery replacement, and working range, it becomes clear that it becomes useful for indoor navigation.

  • Visual markers : – Also called AR markers or ARReferenceimage. A visual marker is an image recognized by Apple’s ARKit and Google ARCORE, and AR SDKs. However, when visible markers are placed in some space, such as on the wall or floor surface. Its exact location is stored in the cloud, so scanning the app shows not only space but also exact it matches in the real world.

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Visual marker technology can be utilized perfectly with ARCore up to several millimeters. However, everyone wants accurate results that appear.  Many companies hire app developers and leave everything to them. Additionally, hiring a developer is not the only thing that must keep in mind the cost of indoor navigation app development. Now lets us the cost of developing indoor navigation app development.

How much does it cost to develop indoor navigation app development?

Answering this question is very difficult as it is not easy to finalise. The indoor navigation app development cost and every app cost highly depend on the various requirements. The app development cost depends upon various factors, including the functionality, features, app design, size, the platform you select, location, etc. However, every app owner has its own requirement; therefore, there is no online calculator that can provide you with the exact cost of the indoor navigation app.

Let’s dive deep and understand the various navigation app development factors.

ui ux design
  • The Select platform of the application: – The cost of the indoor navigation app highly depends upon the platform that you want to launch your app its main factor. However, if your budget is small, then it is better to go with one platform, either iOS/Android native apps. In starting, it is always to go for one afterward, launching the 1st version.
  • UI/UX Design: – You should be sure about the design; however, design is the best impression in-app. Users should like the design to ensure that the app is attractive and well-designed with all the necessary features. With the best design practices, you can attract a large number of customers and can save on other things. Hiring the best-dedicated app development company for UI/UX design may cost you a bit more.
  • App Size and Complexity: – The cost of hiring the best dedicated indoor navigation app development company depends on the functionalities and level of complexity you need for your application. However, the more complex the application is, the larger the size gets and the more price it takes to develop. If you think to develop an indoor navigation app like Google Indoor, hire the best professional.

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  • Development team, you hire: – The development cost of the best indoor navigation app highly depends upon the development team you hire. If you choose to hire the best app development company, then it requires the best expert in your team for your project.
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android App Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Location : – Selecting the locations also play an important role; however, the cost of an indoor navigation app also highly depends upon the location you select. The price of app development is different according to location wise.

    Hopefully, you now have a basic idea about the cost of an indoor navigation app development. So, if you are thinking of developing the best app for your largest facility, whether it is shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Hopefully, you now have a basic idea about the cost of an indoor navigation app development. So, if you are thinking of developing the best app for your largest facility, whether it is shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, we have covered the whole aspect of indoor navigation app development. There are many benefits; what is the cost to develop mobile apps, their uses, etc.

However, if you want to create such apps, only get in touch with an indoor navigation app development company. Weplanex has app developers for every domain or niche with all requirements fulfilled with highly advanced technologies.

For further queries regarding the indoor navigation app development cost, contact us today! We are very happy to serve you.


What are the basic features of the Indoor Navigation app?
Many indoor navigation apps include many features like positioning, mapping, push notification, etc.

How much does it cost to develop an Indoor navigation app?
First, no one can say the exact cost of any app development. However, the indoor navigation app development costs highly depend upon various factors that affect it. The various factors like features, location, and many more.

How to develop a GPS navigation application for android?
There are various steps to be followed when you develop an indoor navigation app for android. Add the app map to your application. Choose your map provider, design your app map and show the user’s position. Set up the navigation and it will display routing information.

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