Logistics and Transportation App Development Key Features, and Cost

Logistics and Transportation App Development Key Features, and Cost

When the word logistics comes, the first thing that comes to our mind is a difficult process, long paperwork, manual labour etc. Thanks to the latest advanced technology. The logistic industry has transformed on many levels and made the user’s work so simple. From standing in long queues just to send a parcel to doing so with a few finger clicks of our smartphones. The logistics app development is highly in demand. Digitisation has substantially affected the transportation and logistic industry with the huge rise in digital literacy.

For the last few years, logistics has been continuously evolving for the future to offer quicker delivery services to customers. With the help of this logistics app, the benefits of proper communication between shippers and drivers become effortless. This will benefit in several ways like cost-saving, less paperwork, convenience, etc., and expanding the business. In-app, you can manage all your fleet shipment details, goods and everything with a complete and incorporated logistic app development ecosystem.

Benefits of logistics app development

  • No Paperwork – Here is the name of the logistics that come to mind; it’s a hectic process, long, lots of paperwork, etc. However, you say no paperwork when you get a logistic app for yourself. By getting a logistic app developed, issues are highly solved with everything being streamlined.
  • Save a lot of time – All the work in the logistics app is done through a few finger clicks. So obvious, instead of doing manual work or sending emails. The shippers can access the information they require through a single platform.
  • GPS tracking – Accuracy is a pivotal part of the logistics application as it manages the delivery of goods at the right time and the right places. This is accomplished with GPS that allows admin/users to track real-time vehicle location. However, at the time of emergency, GPS also comes useful.
  • Easy online Booking – Nowadays, we see around 80% highly interested in booking all the things with their smartphone with this all application. With the mobile logistics app, you can see everything on your laptop, tablet, and mobile device. However, you can track and record your business anywhere. So it helps you to keep an eye on your business even if you’re are not in the office.

Key features of logistics app development

There are 3 panels required to design and develop a logistics app. Let’s look at them in detail while discussing the must-have features of the logistics app. When you hire a logistics and transportation app development company, you get a proper Solution with various panels like Admin, Users, etc. Technology is evolving, and it is essential to leverage a strong application.

Logistics user panel

User panel

  • Registration and creating a profile – First and foremost step for the users after downloading the mobile logistics app. The users can either create an account or sign in with their existing Gmail and social media accounts.
  • Search nearby vehicles available for transportation – After this, the second process is now users can search the nearby vehicles available for transportation.
  • Choose a vehicle – These features offer your customers to choose the perfect vehicle from the available vehicle. However, the consignment size for delivery makes the whole process hassle-free. Provide correct information step-by-step to new customers to reduce confusion and use logistics app smoothly.
  • Schedule and manage to book – According to the need and interest, the users can schedule booking. Then, manage the booking according to the date/time or can also have the option to reschedule it. Additionally, the user can also pre-book by mentioning the pickup’s date/time and location.
  • Tracking – This feature is essential for the customers. The user can track all the deep details about shipments and the goods that are out for delivery.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications – Real-time alerts and notifications associated with the tracking offers and everything associated are delivered to the users. It helps the customers be assured about their product delivery and helps them track their items.
  • Review/Rating – The review/rating helps customers, the driver if they look at this feature in your app. This way, the customers can rate/review the service and provide feedback to help the customers.
  • Multiple payment options – This feature should be given in a transport and logistics app. Providing customers with the choice to pay for the services via credit/debit card, online wallets, internet banking, etc.
  • Push notification – This feature is a great way to inform users about important and valuable information and engage them with your application.

Driver panel

The admin can add a driver profile, but there should be features on the driver panel. However, the drivers can also add their details manually in the app.

Logistics driver panel
  • Login – The same users log in here in this feature. The driver has to log in to the logistic app. However, the driver can also sign up with their existing email id or social media accounts. Logistics app developers should consider that the login process is easy to work smoothly.
  • Profile management – This is one of the best features to allow the driver to update their information on their profiles. Sometimes, it requires the driver to update their profile statuses, such as editing addresses, license details, or other information.
  • Upload documents for ID verification – The driver must upload documents like driving license and health reports for the ID verification. However, this helps your manager take sudden actions according to the information available.
  • In-app calling with customers – Either sharing or avoiding the contact details, we have an in-app chat/calling functionality. These features help drivers sometimes not find the proper address of the customers.
  • Accept/reject pickup request – This features permits drivers to accept/ reject any request or order based on their preferences.
  • Make available or busy – Like other features, this will help drivers show their availability/unavailability for services using various options like available or busy.
  • Freight/shipping details – All include freight-related information like the weight of goods, fuel consumption, toll charges, shipping, etc. Through these features, the driver can look at all the other details also.
  • Access of history – This is one of the best features since it will help them revisit the history and other invoices.
  • Mark Delivery – Allowing the driver this feature will allow them to send alerts to both customer and admin parties regarding parcel delivery.
Logistics admin panel

Admin panel

  • Dashboard – It is one important screen where an admin can keep an eye on every activity of the logistics app development. The admin plays an essential role in the logistics app. However, it keeps all the records of drivers and customers. Admin manages the whole app, including pending orders, completed orders, etc.
  • Manage vehicle truck, shippers – The vehicles transporters and all of the extra expenses caused while making deliveries are managed and stored.
  • Manage driver and users – The logistics app development team allows the drivers involved in the shipping and the various orders they execute. However, it not only manages all activities by the driver but also manages users. Therefore, admit can add/remove the users who are not active in the application.
  • Fleet management – Fleet management is the best feature of the logistics app development improvement. It permits the admin to know the continuous area of their fleet. However, it can help the admin guide a driver with the shortest possible routes. With the help of fleet management, one can easily connect with the drivers through the application eliminating connection over phone calls.
  • Fuel consumption and management – According to the number of vehicles running, the fuel consumption for each of them is recorded accordingly—all the activities of vehicles like services required, pollution checking etc., tracked by the admin.
  • Manage billing and invoice – With the manage billing and invoice features, the admin will be able to generate and update the invoice. However, first only said that admin plays a vital role in the application. Admin also manages payment by approving the payment received by the driver and looking at the other transaction.
  • Offer a discount – Create and manage the availability

To add advanced features in a logistics app development

  • Rating and Review – With the help of these advanced features, the app users would be able to rate/review the logistics app as per its performance.
  • In-app chat/calling – This advanced feature is an integral feature of the logistics app. It allows the app customers to easily get in touch with various services. However, these service providers ask queries regarding the pending delivery or anything related to address etc.
Logistics app
  • Multi-language support – The first thing is that all the users are not familiar with the English language. Hence multi-language functionality allows them also to use the app effortlessly. While developing the logistics app development this feature to added. Hence this feature makes the logistic business more scalable by permitting it to properly coordinate with drivers and various regions.
  • Multiple payment management – The logistics app must have multiple payment management. It allows the customers to make easy payments. Various payment gateways like GPay, PAYTM, can be used the same time it is also useful that the app allows making a payment with various currencies.
  • Real-time analytics – These advanced features identify all business activities from first to last. Real-time analytics reports features in the logistics app reflect various service reports. It includes various things like the regions from where the maximum order, capture fuel etc. However, this helps to take a decision in-app to run smoothly.
  • Get a quote – These advanced features permit the customers to request a quote from service providers as per the available deals. This helps to get an idea regarding the cost and time of services.

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  • Driver safety – It guarantees the safety of the drivers while driving. However, it looks at all the on-duty drivers and their driving attitudes while dispatching the goods. It helps to track their behavior as such speed, phone, usage, and much more. Based on this, the scorecard is developed for the driver which helps the customers to choose the driver at the same time.

How much does it cost for developing a logistics app development?

Various factors affect the app development cost of logistics app development. At the same time, you calculate the cost to develop a logistics app development like DHL. The mobile app market is enormous, and there are various apps available in the market with different concepts. However, to get an accurate cost, you need to share the various features requirement that you want to include in your logistics app development.

To get the actual cost of logistic app development, connect with a leading mobile app development company like Webplanex Infotech. We have experience in logistic app development services. Let’s us various factors that affect the app development cost.

Choice of the platform (Android or iOS)
There are various platforms to choose the best one. Here, if the app develops for a single platform, it will cost less. However, developing with a single platform required only 1 team, but while developing with 2 platforms, the app would need two development teams, however, double the cost.

Select perfect location
The logistics app development cost also differs from your chosen location. Every country has its own hourly rate. However, the development cost less when compared to the Asian countries. Hence, you have to select where you want to invest in the app development as the difference usually is huge.

Features and design
It is an important factor in determining the app’s cost. If the features are less, then it will cost less. However, if you add advanced features, then the cost will be more.

Wrapping up

Moving forward, the rise of various kinds of logistic applications will ultimately make the strategies business prosperous because of the few advantages of logistics apps. It is now the right time to invest in logistic app development. Contact reputed logistics app development company Webplanex. Technology takes care of your business operation while you look forward to building stronger and better products.

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