Grocery App Development Key Features, Cost, and Benefits

Grocery App Development Key Features, Cost, and Benefits

Mobile apps have made our day to day life more comfortable, from ordering dinner to booking a cab. The days are gone when people used to prepare the list of the grocery of their essential day-to-day thing. However, all thing things is happening with finger clicks. The people do not have time to go physical and buy groceries. With doorstep conveyance grocery app development advancement has changed the manner in which individuals used to look for food.

However, whether you are a startup or entrepreneur who has been planning to launch a grocery app. The users of grocery apps customers are increasing at a rapid scale. Customers are gradually accustomed to online shopping for everything, starting from food, medicine or grocery products.

Today, there are various app developers and app development companies out there who craft grocery apps for business in the modern world. However, they create the best, fast, user-friendly apps integrated with exclusive features making them like by the customers.

In this case, if you are looking to create grocery app development for your business to give users the best shopping experience. This article covers all the essential parts of creating a grocery mobile application. Furthermore are eager to know about the cost of grocery app development; this article will help you a lot.

Grocery app development benefits your business.

It has become necessary for an online business to put resources into portable applications. It has become easy for users to purchase products without leaving their homes. Smartphone users spend 90% of their internet time on mobile applications. Furthermore, versatile applications can assist clients with their brand. Thus grocery stores have to focus on launching a mobile app, or both.

The app has demonstrated to be a boon for both customers and entrepreneurs. Deep dive into the benefits of developing a grocery app for your business.

  • The first thing all knows mobile applications make your grocery available 24x7x365
  • In-app, the customers have to order with a few finger clicks and will deliver the thing to their doorstep.
  • Order tracking will help customers to track the order request through the app.
  • Choose the payment option that adds the flexibility of choosing between multiple payment options.
  • In Addition discounts and offers are on order through the app.

Ideally, you are persuaded that grocery app development has become a genuine saviour for the Organisationen in this profoundly aggressive market.

Features on-demand grocery app development solutions

Grocery app admin panel

Features for grocery app admin panel

Permit the admins to easily control the app usage, tracking delivery man, sales. Admin knows everything regarding the multiple outlets through a single app.

  • Dashboard – Admin plays an essential role in the app. Create a dashboard to access and track everything. This dashboard keeps your app working smoothly.
  • Assign order – By adding these features of allocating new orders to the grocery store to the various stores. However, always check whether that order execution takes place smoothly or not.
  • Manage customers/users – Admin panel helps in connecting the app with customers/users. For example, the admin of the grocery app can add/delete users and change their active status. However, these features allow the admin to view complete information linked to customers like contact details and addresses.
  • Multiple store management – In grocery app development, there are various stores to manage. These features allow admins to add/remove stores on the app. First, however, the admin checks the store’s current status and executes them.
  • Payment Managemen – Accepting and managing the payment through various payment gateways and ensuring a smooth process.
  • Offers and discounts – Create and manage the availability of new offers and deals in the grocery app.

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  • Reporting and Analytics – By utilizing continuous Analytics, the admin can get noteworthy knowledge to deal with business. The report or information helps the admin design procedures to boost sales and customer experience. For example, Admin can monitor what type of discounts are gaining traction, what products are moving rapidly etc.
  • Delivery man-management – This feature allows the admin to observe all required information related to deliver-man like their contact details, trip details etc.
  • Track orders – Admin keeps an eye on every order placed, pending delivery, etc.
  • Manage feedback – Admin look at the feedback given by the customers what saying about grocery delivery services. However, these features make improvements if necessary.
  • Product management – App development means not a single product as various products are available. According to its availability, adding/removing the products, images, quantity, and price details to the inventory.

Features for grocery app customer panel

Uniquely planned customers application area to empower the customers with stress-free and quick shopping. However, the customer gets lots of features by using the app.

  • Registration/ signup – The customer can register or sign up with a user-friendly interface. The first interaction with the customers begins with the registration page, where customers have to create their account on the app.
  • Browse products – After registration/signup, now browse products from all the food/grocery products categories with a detailed description.
Grocery app customer panel
  • Schedule delivery – Customers schedule the delivery at their convenience to receive their orders. Provide delivery time slots and permit the customers to place their order 24X7—permits to book orders for a specific date/time according to their availability.
  • Order tracking – The grocery app comes with live monitoring and always notification to customers informed of the current status of their orders. Tells the exact status of the order.
  • Wish list – Get a speedy shopping list of things so customers can save it for later buy.
  • Order history – This feature allows the customers to make a repeat order or select a product from the previous record.
  • Multiple payment options – Customers can pay the payment most reliably and securely utilising our numerous payment options. Various payment options are credit/debit card, net banking, cash on delivery, etc.
  • Push notification – Alert the customers about special deals, offers, price deals, and other relevant updates related to the grocery app. However, push notifications to keep your customers updated with the latest offers and products.
  • Feedback and rating – After all service received from the delivery man, now it’s time for customers to give feedback/rating.
  • Offers and discounts – Customers enjoy the greatest offers and avail the most beneficial discount and offers suitable as per your order.
Grocery app delivery panel

Features for grocery app delivery panel

  • Delivery man signs up/log in – The same steps like customer required to register here delivery man first step is to sign up/login.
  • Accept/reject order – This feature allows the delivery man to accept/reject a specific order for some reason.
  • Schedule availability – This feature lets delivery men schedule when they would be available for delivery orders.
  • GPS location – Geolocation service integrated with GPS features that help the delivery person track customers’ location.
  • In-app calling – Providing the best features in-app calling/chat to make it easier for customers to communicate with delivery persons.
  • Get delivery confirmation – The store owner gets a notification about the delivered order and the order number.
  • Review and rating – The delivery person/driver is permitted an option rate/review of their delivery. In addition to this review/rating helpful for the future improvement
  • Earning and reports – The delivery boy’s earnings details are readily available inside the app.

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Features for grocery app store owner panel

  • Order notification – The store owner gets a real-time order notification every time you receive a new order.
  • Accept/reject orders – Sometimes, it happens when the product is out of stock or delivery is not possible due to this reason, the grocery owner rejects it.
  • Add products – The store manager can push a new product to the store via the app. However, the store owner can look at the changes reflected in the app in real-time.
  • Order report – These features where the store owner gets real-time reports about the business performance. However, these features are beneficial for taking action in the future.
Grocery app store
  • Product management – The store owner adds/delete their product listing price, minimum order, quantity, price, etc., and makes the product available for ordering.
  • In-app chat/calling – The store owner can directly have a call /chat with the delivery person or the customers whenever it needed.
Advanced features grocery

Advanced features

  • Easy restoration – The registration in the grocery app development should be user-friendly and straightforward. The users can easily register through their contact number, social media site, and email id is popular. So can add these advanced features for the registration process.
  • Multilingual support – The grocery app development should support multilingual. However, all are not familiar with the English language, so this advanced feature is necessary to add.
  • GPS support – GPS functionality is quite necessary for grocery app development. However, this feature is beneficial for the delivery person in locating routines.
  • Real-time analytics – This feature is essential to stay updated on all the happenings in the app via reports, graphs, etc. However, it is very easy to know the current status, plan for the future, and craft strategies.
  • Loyalty program – To keep the users coordinated with the app, these features play an essential role. It is good to run loyalty programs for your app customers like you can offer discounts or gifts.
  • Push notification – Push notification is an important part of grocery app development. However, customers should get continuous updates about new offers, products, and services. Therefore, the grocery app development has introduced these features so that customers receive all the latest updates.
  • Manage store inventory – Permit your store manager to view and manage their store inventory and pricing.
  • In-app chatting/calling – This functionality helps make in-app chat/call to store owner, delivery man, etc. However, it also permits the delivery person to call the store owner or customer, vice-versa.
  • Rating and review – These features permit the app customers to rate/review the app. The customers can decide about the performance of the app. In addition, this also allows the customer to review/rate the delivery person.

How much does it cost for developing a grocery app development

To assess the grocery app development cost. First, you must remember a few elements, including the grocery app’s complexity. The cost of a grocery app highly depends upon its functionality, features, development team, technology, and country you choose.

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Various factors affect the cost of a grocery app; some of them are as follows.

Developing a grocery app
  • The complexity of the app
  • Platform you choose
  • Development Team size
  • Country/region you choose

The final cost of the grocery app development depends on the number of features the client chooses. In addition, the cost also depends upon the single platform, iOS or Android; for your app, it costs lesser for both platforms.

The development cost per hour of an app differs in different regions. The development cost per hour of an app varies in the other areas. The webplanex developers offer $100-$120. It is not easy as it requires more time to develop the app.

However, the cost is a critical factor in developing a grocery app as it ultimately depends upon the complexity level.

Wrapping up

Grocery app development helps customers make purchases easy. However, the success of the app development depends upon the many features. At webplanex, we’ve equipped with the right technology and expertise the help develop a successful grocery app.


What is Grocery App?
Grocery app development may have various online grocery shopping facilities with home delivery. However, there is another option like an offline grocery store app.

Can I build my grocery app for Android or iOS?
Of course, yes, you can build a grocery app for Android and iOS. First, however, contact webplanex, where you can hire the best app developers to build grocery apps.

How much time would it take you to develop my grocery app development?
The answer to this question is difficult to say. However, the time to create grocery app development depends upon the size, dimension, and features. However, the app development takes about 100-150 days, including testing.

How much does it cost to develop a grocery app?
The cost for grocery delivery app developments depends upon various factors. For example, the grocery app development depends on the number of platforms you want to target features. Moreover, the cost also depends upon the country you choose.

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