Food Delivery App Development Working, Features, and Cost

Food Delivery App Development Working, Features, and Cost

We all know that food is essential to human life in life. Moreover, the other industries like food ordering and serving are no longer dependent on the old fashion. In a highly technological world, smartphones have changed the way people live. Moreover, advanced methods are replaced with ordering food through mobile applications. Providing food from famous places near you is how you think about little enjoyment.

The food delivery app gives food delivery at your door in a few minutes and the best packaging. Online food delivery apps require lots of attention for the last couple of years as they offer comfort to customers. The food delivery app development is a dedicated app solution that helps provide a complete makeover to your restaurant business. Various features are available for developing an app that booms your restaurant business a lot. However, truly would anything be able to beat that experience of enjoying your best favorite dish at your home.

We provide apps that connect various restaurants with smartphones and make life easier for the user/customers. Food delivery app serves various hostelers, travelers, etc., among other users. The users need patterns and the latest trends to mobile screens rich in features and appearance.

However, do you require custom food delivery app development? Webplanex Infotech delivers food delivery app development services for food businesses or restaurants startup. This article discusses and completely guides how the food delivery apps work features and development costs.

How Does This Food Delivery App Work?

The Food delivery app works very simply. Anybody can arrange a feast within a finger click. A customer can put in a request and get them delivered to their area. There are various steps to know how the food delivery app works.

  • Using the dedicated application or website, customers can browse restaurants and look menu.
  • Add chosen things or dishes to the cart, choose multiple payment gateways and make payment.
  • Moreover, there is an additional option for the customer if they want to pay cash on delivery.
  • The selected restaurant receives the order and starts preparing for it.
  • The delivery man can accept/ reject the order request; after accepting, the delivery person picks up the order from the specified restaurant.
  • The delivery man reaches the customer’s location and hands over the packages.
  • The delivery asks a customer for the payment and asks to submit feedback/ rating.

Features of food delivery app development.

Food delivery admin panel

For admin panel

  • Dashboard – All the various views of ordered information like delivered, canceled orders, upcoming, pending ones all handled by the admin.
  • User management – The dashboard includes the details of users, menu, the restaurant they prefer, and the orders they place.
  • Payment and commission management – Restaurant owners can set the payment and manage commission rates directly from the admin panel.
  • Driver management – It allows admin to include the details of all the drivers, i.e., their profile information, license, and various other details.
  • Manage order requests – There are various order requests taken. Food parcels pickup to delivery and scheduled order admin manages everything. In addition, the admin is responsible for simplifying orders.
  • Offers and discounts – This allows the admin to offer various offers and discounts on the app.
  • Push notification – Push notification plays an essential role as the users get the latest updation of the application. It is an important feature in the food delivery app that should not skip.
  • Restaurant management – Manages all the detail of the restaurant by adding, updating, and removing restaurants from the category list.

For Users Panel

After the successful download and installation of the app from the Google play store, the users have to follow or need to fast login into the app.

  • Quick Login – Users have to log in first and require the necessary information. On the other hand, it also permits users to log in with their social media sites like Facebook, Gmail, etc. The login process is completed with OTP confirmation on the user’s contact number.
  • Location activated search – When anyone talks about the food delivery app development, the area is one of the essential features. Users have to start that location, and then the list of available restaurants is shown. However, the delivery time and cost are also calculated according to the location.
Food delivery user
  • Menu – The other most important features for the online food delivery app. The menu is essential for the users to see the various dishes, reviews, etc.
  • Order placement – Users can easily place their orders for favorite food from their restaurant with a few clicks. Here, users can select their favorite food and add it to the cart. After this, they can proceed further for the final order placement.
  • Payment option – However, once all the steps are over, checked, and verified, it is time to make the final payment. Allow users to choose payment options and select the best one. There are various ways to make payment: credit/debit, internet banking, etc.
  • Order history – Order history shows the past orders done by the users. It is one of the best features and time-saving features for users.
  • Track delivery man – Track the exact location of the delivery person and see him coming in real-time.
  • Rating and reviews – After the whole process is completed, the user has to give a rating and review based on services, quality, and pricing.
Food delivery driver panel

For driver panel

  • Login – A delivery person can log in/signup into the food delivery app using their contact number/ email id and password.
  • Profile – After the login/ registration finishes off, in the second step, the driver can make their profile on the application.
  • Order History – The best feature for drivers is order history. However, drivers can save and manage all the information of food orders and deliveries on the app.
  • Manage order – The Deliver man has various lists of orders for delivery. Drivers receive orders on this app and manage the multiple deliveries utilizing this app.
  • GPS history – It is an excellent feature for the restaurant and the users to track the location of the delivery man. However, this GPS also helps to guide the delivery man to their exact location.
  • Payment history – The delivery man can manage and track the payment history for the day on the app.
  • Delivery Information – The Delivery receives information on the location of various food deliveries.
  • Call/chat – The food delivery app development cost includes integrating in-app calling and chat features. These make it easier for the users and delivery person to communicate.

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Restaurant panel

  • Dashboard – The restaurant first has to set up their account after redirecting their home page. After that, the restaurant owner keeps track of the completed order, pending order, and much more.
  • Menu Management – Menu is an essential part of the restaurant. However, restaurants can generate a new menu or customize a menu based on customer food preferences and availability.
  • Accept or decline orders – One of the essential parts of the food delivery app development. However, delivering food in time is necessary to care. Therefore, sometimes some users cancel the order if it takes longer than the estimated time, and users cancel the order. However, not all restaurants can offer delivery on their own; it depends upon the delivery man to accept/ reject an order.
Restaurant panel
  • Managing the restaurant account – These features play an essential part in the food delivery app. However, each restaurant owner can set up their account by adding their restaurant image, logo, food images, minimum order, etc. Add all the menu available along with the price and excepted delivery time.
  • Payment – Restaurant manages all the orders in one place can get a complete view of the orders, including dispatch, pickup, etc.
Advanced features

Advanced features

  • Social login and signup – First advanced features that allow users to fastly signup for your app using the social media accounts. Social login and signup are essential and attractive advanced features.
  • Order history – This advanced feature lets users check out all previous orders. However, this helps the user to repeat the same order.
  • In-App Navigation – Food delivery app needs to be integrated with a GPS location identifier. The advanced features allow users to track their delivery man in real-time. The tracking screen also records and displays the arrival time of their order.
  • Real-time analytics – Highly beneficial feature is real-time analytics. These features give the admin all the operation data required for business. The app generates real-time revenue reports, revenue projections, and much more. It helps to monitor the performance of the business.
  • Mobile Wallet Integration – In today’s era, all food delivery apps must give various types of mobile wallet options. However, it includes Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

How much does it cost to build a food delivery app like zomato, ubereats?

The overall cost of developing food delivery apps depends on several features and their complexity. Although various factors together add to the estimation of mobile food delivery apps. However, we will provide you with the basic concept of how much it costs to make an online food delivery app. The answer to this will be similar to how much it costs for a food delivery app.

However, anyone should know that the cost does not only depend upon its features but the technology you choose, payment method integration, etc. However, there are different things to know that play a vital role in deciding the cost.

  • App Design – Various food delivery apps have an easy to use and user-friendly design with an attractive interface. However, this attracts users and receives more traffic. It is better to select a good food delivery app development company that uses highly advanced tools.
  • Choose Platform – The leading platforms should be Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, the apps developed for Android devices cost less than iOS devices. To build an app with the best highly advanced, consider designing an app to use across multiple platforms.

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  • App development team – The cost of developing an app also depends upon the amount you pay to expert developers. This cost also varies from one geographical location to another. The development expert team will consist of the project manager, designer, tester, and developer. It is good to select a mobile app development company that fits your budget.

One of the important factors that regulate the development cost also depends on your chosen location. Moreover, you can also hire the best developer on an hourly, monthly, or weekly basis. You can get the expert mobile app developer working at $20-$30 per hour. Additionally, the cost is not easy because various steps like testing, coding, designing, etc., are various steps to follow. This research will help you develop the best app within the best possible means.

Wrapping up

Anyone talking about the food delivery app development, it becomes quite complex to bring a perfect solution. Having years of experience in this term, we provide a unique and interesting solution to the clients. However, we shared various features, working of the app, and technologies used that clear your mind about perfect app. If you require your food delivery app to stand out from achievement. Simply reach us and share your business needs with us for the best solutions.


How much time will it take to develop a food delivery app?
It usually takes around 150 working days for a single food delivery app. However, if there are more complexities in food delivery apps, it requires more time.

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?
The cost of a food delivery app highly depends upon the various factors and complexity in the app. However, if the app development is for a single vendor, it costs less, and if more, it costs more.

What type of food sector can begin with the food delivery app?
Anyone who is occupied with single restaurants, food outlets, and many more can embrace food delivery for their business.

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