Plumber App Development Advantages, Working, Features, and the Cost

Plumber App Development Advantages, Working, Features, and the Cost

When pipe breakage leaks, customers seek a professional plumber to rectify the situation. It always happens that you plan your perfect weekend, requested your friends to come, and suddenly pipes blow out. The internet gives the best solution for all problems. Why do you feel shy or away from the app? No worries, today we talk about the Plumber app development.

When nothing comes to a solution, everyone looks up the internet. All people just have to open plumber app and book an appointment with a plumber with a few finger clicks. However, technology makes it possible to again control every except. In our daily lives, all individuals face many problems like blockage of pipelines in house, workplace, leakage of water, etc. At a time of necessity, people find it very difficult to find a professional plumber in their nearby area. However, people do not know how to get a plumber on time, and other plumbers are not getting proper jobs. A few platforms are available for a plumber that helps connect people or plumber.

Here in plumber app development, users can schedule an appointment at their convenience, giving a viable solution. First, however, if you’re offering plumbing services, you should read on to get all the basic ideas. The whole complete detail about how you can get a member of the plumber app.

This article will talk about the plumber app development working, features, and advantages.

Working of plumber app

Now it’s time to talk about how the plumber app works.

  • A Plumber can quickly generate their profile by adding all their necessary basic details and verifying the account.
  • After registration, the plumber has to list his services with various necessary thig like charges, experience, or packages.
  • Users have an excellent opportunity to manage their profiles. Moreover, users can search for the best plumber and hire them.
  • It is time for the plumber to accept/reject the offer from the users.
  • After all, accepting the request of the plumber and users can chat via module-app
  • All the work is completed now it’s time for the users to give feedback/ review to the plumber services.
  • After giving reviews or feedback, the users can easily make the payment methods. Users can also share their feedback and reviews with the hired plumber.
Advantages of plumber

Advantages Of Plumber App Development.

There are various advantages associated with plumber app development. Several questions come to mind about how this plumber app development is helpful. However, several advantages are taking place while developing a plumber mobile app.
  • Save time and effort Plumber app development saves lots of time and effort. Users don’t have to run after neighbors to find the best plumber. Instead, they can easily register and book plumbing services anytime and anywhere.
  • Ease of availing services First thing, users don’t have to move here and there to search for the plumber. Instead of this, all the users can directly register in the app and search for the best plumber in the nearby area.
  • Optimized routine process The usual process includes scheduling, inventory tracking, routing, and invoicing to get optimized. However, this can help your business work order invoicing, plumbing, inspection, going paperless, and much more.
  • Give plumbing services anywhere The plumber app development can help your customer to get plumbing services from anywhere. Moreover, let users register to your plumber app from any location in some specific area or outside the region. This helps your registered customers with a lot more options.
  • Increased ROI for business Return on investment increases as a normal process. A business can schedule the services, route, and invoice with the plumbing app. However, with the help of this plumber app development, you can run a small business. Even if you do not have a physical setup or inventory storage area, you can begin the business.
  • Highly reach to customers The app owners can earn a high commission or other fees by connecting customers with many plumbers in the locality. However, you can make money from commission without offering your own plumbing services.

Features For Plumber App Development

Before launching any app, it’s compulsory to know the basic features of a plumber app development. However, there are many panels in a plumber app development. Now, it’s time to have a closer look at each of them.

Admin Panel

First panel is the admin panel. The admin panel helps the business owner monitor and manage the business. They have a significant role in the plumber app development and manage both users and the plumber app’s people.

Dashboard management The admin manages all the users and plumbers registered in the plumber app. It has the right to see all the information of the user or plumber and manage it.

Features for plumber
  • Users and plumber profile management The admin manages both users and plumber profiles. The admin manages the user’s booking, plumber available for the services or not, payment details, and others.
  • Manage Rating and Review The admin can check the review given by the users to the plumbers. Sometimes, the admin can guide if any changes or anything needs to improve the plumber.
  • Manage notifications Admin share alert for the service request, payment confirmation, promotional offers, and other updates via push, SMS, and email.
  • Manage payments The admin handles and optimizes service costs, commission, and other services via the admin panel.
  • Track plumber Firstly, only we have discussed that everything is in the admin’s hands. Post services request acceptance to track professional plumber via admin dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Analytics One type of report to make the best decision. Details reports regarding booking, payments, rating/reviews performance, and more.
Users panel plumber

Users Panel

The user’s app is better known as the client-side app used to search for the best plumbers. The plumber app development is highly used to hire the best plumber, track him and review the services. Here is the list of features needed in this type of app.

  • User login/sign up Users can sign up in an app and fill in all the necessary information. The users can also log in with their email id and contact number or log in with a social media account.
  • Search for plumber After the completion of the process of signing. Now it’s time for the users to search for the plumber. The users can search for a plumber in their nearby area and book an appointment.
  • Booking request These features allow the plumber to book the best plumber or schedule at a later time and date.
  • View plumber profile The users can view the plumber details, including name, contact number, experience, the cost of services, rating, and much more.
  • Final service booking an appointment The customers either book professional plumber services instantly or schedule at a later time and date.
  • Select the best preferable payment option Getting all services from the plumber, not its time for the payment. However, users can pay directly via multiple payment gateways, and the transaction process remains secure.
  • Check offers available or not The users can check whether some discounts or any coupons are available or not. Sometimes some value is available for the regular users.
  • Cancel Booking Due to the emergency, sometimes the users have to cancel the booking so they can cancel.
  • Get payment Details After getting services from the plumber, users can ask for the payment details. The payment details can check the date, time, and the cost of plumbing services availed.
  • Rating and Review After plumbing services, users rate the professional plumber of the service provided by the independent plumber. The reviews highly help for the improvement in the services.
  • Real-time tracking After the plumber accepts service requests, users track their movement via the in-app map. It is one of the best features that help the plumber find the users’ exact location.

Plumber panel

The plumber app development helps the registered plumber connect with users in real-time. The plumber panel include features like

  • Register Firstly Plumber have to register in the app with all the necessary detail asked in the app. The plumbers can also use their email addresses and other contact details to register with the application. They can also register through their social media account like Facebook and more.
  • Accept or Reject appointment A plumbing professional can accept or reject a services request. However, sometimes some plumbers are busy with their schedules, so they do not accept appointments. Accepting the request, the plumber can view the customer location, plumbing problems, specific needs of users, and other details.
Plumber panel
  • Status Update Plumber mark that they are available or not via in-app calendar features. Users can look at the status the plumber is available or not. The plumber has an opportunity to update the status.
  • User Info The same feature in the user’s panel. Here the plumber can view the details of the users like name, address, type of services, etc.
  • Receive and check payment details After a plumber completes all services, the plumber can view the payment made by the customer in their accounts. Various payment methods help the plumber to receive the payment for services. For example, a wallet facility helps customers top up their credit or debit cards.
  • Look Customer review This is part of the plumber to review the users after completing the service. They give additional feedback as per discretion.
Plumber app

Few More Features of Plumber app development

  • Multiple Language Support Every app should support multiple languages as many people do not know English, for these advanced features is highly helpful.
  • Login/ social media login The users can complete the signup process not only by filling in the information given in the app. But it also permits login with the social media sites.
  • Multi booking The application permit a platform for a plumber to accept various booking as per their availability and location.
  • Push notification Push notification is also necessary for the users to know the app’s latest updates. All the make updates are made through email or SMS.
  • Digital wallets Nowadays, all the applications support the integration of e-wallets like Paytm, GPay, Phone pay, etc. These are essential features because users are highly interested in going with digital money rather than cash.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Plumber App Development?

The investment of creating a plumber app development depends on the count of hours spent in the augment project requirement. In addition, the cost of plumber app development depends upon various factors like app development, cost integration, other factors. The plumber app development service includes the user’s panel, admin panel, and plumber panel.

Develop plumber

However, each panel has its features, which are also included. It is also time-consuming because of various steps for creating app development like coding, testing, designing, and others.

The app development cost depends on the platform you choose, the technology used, and other necessary things. You can also hire the best app developers from Webplanex Infotech. There the various options you can hire them on an hourly basis, or weekly at a very nominal rate. With years of experience this term, the professional team has tremendous experience and completed countless app development projects.

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Wrapping Up

Plumber app development is getting highly popular nowadays. But before getting into the development of the application, one should develop well-defined projects. Various features and benefits need to be developed. It’s the right time to get started as the business of plumber app development is thriving like anything. Not to wait, you can contact Webplanex Infotech.


What will be the time taken for the development?
The time for the plumber app development depends on the number of features to include. The time period taken for the development cannot be decided.

Can more features be added to the app?
Yes, WebPlanex infotech provides customized solutions where you can choose different features.

What is a plumber app?
A plumber app is a marketplace of plumbing services awaiting to get customers’ pipes fixed.

Can you integrate multiple payment gateways into the app?
Yes, why not if you need to integrate the latest payment gateway. However, you can ask your development company to integrate the latest GPay, PhonePay, etc.

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