Doctor Prescription App Development Features and Developing Cost

Doctor Prescription App Development Features and Developing Cost

Prescription medications benefit patients with lifelong diagnoses and live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives. Firstly, Utilize the medication correctly at the proper time and in the right way as prescribed by your doctor. Taking it right time can keep you healthy and control diseases. Smartphones devices and IT have brought drastic changes in everyone’s life. Finally, it is good to have doctor prescription app development

In today’s days, you can order everything from food to taxis all things with few clicks on your mobile phone. In addition, to this high-demand economy is the doctor prescription app. Doctors’ prescription app development can simplify patient interactions and give medical and patient data access. However, the doctor prescription app is becoming popular as this solution is now an interactive medium for connecting patients with multiple healthcare providers.

A better health outcome is one of the significant essential benefits of utilizing medication correctly as prescribed. Moreover, the doctor mobile application provides users with various facilities like health check-ups, tips, looking for prescriptions, booking appointments, etc. This app has made it easy for users to get affordable and quality healthcare for themselves. In addition, the doctor prescription reader app gives you a lot of benefits; features relieve stress on the health workers and much more.

Yes, you have landed on the proper page where you will get all the doctor’s prescription app details. Firstly, here we will talk about how mobile applications work and the benefits of online doctor prescription apps. There are many things necessary to go through creating a doctor prescription app. However, it includes the meaning, costing, benefits, features etc.

What is the doctor prescription reader app?

The doctor Prescription app is a creative app that allows doctors and patients to communicate quickly and remotely. The app comes with various necessary features that make work smoother as well as easier. The main objective of the application is to eliminate the risks which are associated with traditional prescription writing. As a result, patients get safe, and quality care is delivered.

Working on doctor prescription app development?

Doctor prescription app development makes online and offline medical services with user convenience. Have a fast look at the working of the app. Moreover, users’ journey begins with the Doctor prescription reader app.

  • The first step is to download the app from the app store and set up their profile.
  • However, in second step, users have to provide all required personal information and necessary descriptions of all their medical ailments.
  • After the users have to enter all the necessary steps. In addition, the app permits them to look at a list of specialists in the nearby area.
  • The patient can select any doctor and the date and time of the online visit.
  • Depending upon the doctor’s availability, the users can select the doctor.
  • After the whole process completion, the users have to pay online. The online payment system is integrated within the app.
  • One of the main benefits of this doctor is that it will save time and money.
  • The patients give ratings and feedback to write about the doctor’s services and consultation.
  • Patients can look for prescriptions that are stored in a separate folder.
Doctor prescription app

Benefits of the on-demand doctor prescription app

Nowadays, all users in a busy schedule and lifestyle too. This on-demand doctor prescription app gives huge stress relief. Users are looking at everything at their fingertips; reaching a doctor via smartphone is one of the best ways of visiting a doctor. However, the app helps differently, like it saves time and money.

  • Immediate medical service – Without any delay, patients can seek immediate medical service help from professionals using these apps. The users use this app anywhere at any time at a reasonable cost. Moreover, patients can directly use the mobile application and contact the doctor to get immediate treatment.
  • Less paperwork – Yes, it’s correct less paperwork. Currently, all the work is done online, there is no necessary for paperwork to write. The important benefit of prescription mobile apps is that permit patient prescription. The patient keeps this record in a separate file or folder in their mobile app. The app helps doctors and patients to find all the important reports in one place.
  • Any Medical Services from anywhere – Any user can use this app at any time at any place and get immediate help and better treatment. This is highly beneficial to the townspeople and gets healthcare facilities nearby.
  • Reasonable services – Yes, it is correct. The app services are very helpful for the patient in real time. In addition, it is automatically lowering all the costs that are associated with hospital admission, travelling costs, reports, etc.

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  • Fewer crowds in hospitals  – App development solutions permit interaction with the doctor from the comfort of their homes. The doctor prescription app also gives a great option to patients to get immediate medical treatment, and there is no need to rush hospital. However, doctor prescription app helps to reduce the number of patients in the hospital and better quality services.
  • Transparent cost – The charges can be significant for anyone visiting a specialist doctor. However, having a doctor’s prescription mobile app is very good. Users can check the doctor’s specialist, charges, and discounts directly from the app. In this way, this application is an incredible method for getting medical care at a reasonable cost.

Highly Popular Features of on-demand doctor prescription app development.
There are lots of changes seen after COVID-19. Many new apps are available in the market, for example dating portal development, milk delivery app, etc. This digital prescription app are bringing in revolutionary changes in the traditional style of doctors, patients, etc. These apps make all proceedings smoother and more efficient. The Doctor prescription app has various features as follows.

Features for patients panel

  • Signup/ Login – Patients have to signup or login where all personal details related to the patient should be entered. The patient can easily sign up or register into app-only by entering their email/ mobile number.
  • Schedule appointment – Patients, as well as users, can book an appointment with the doctor. Here the patient can look at the availability of a doctor and make an appointment.
Features for patients panel
  • Advanced search Filter – This is one of the important features where users can find and select doctors online. The advanced search filter which used to search doctors, names, look specialized like ENT, child, etc. However, based on specific diseases, users can find a doctor.
  • Audio/video call – Features help the patient connect with the doctor through audio/ video calls. The doctor can immediately do a video call and help the patient.
  • Payment Gateway – The features allow a patient to pay the doctor fees or other charges. Can make the payment through various options like credit/debit card, GPay, and other different options.
  • Review and Ratings – It allows users to give ratings and reviews to the doctor as per their treatment and services. These features also help the users select the doctor by reviewing their ratings and reviews.
  • Email alerts – Sometimes, it is necessary to send that information to the patient. The users can receive this important notification and alert with the help of email or SMS.
Features for doctor panel

Features for doctor panel

  • Manage appointments – It is an important feature in the doctor prescription app development. This feature allows doctors to check all details of patients like appointments, personal details, medicine details, etc. Then, the Doctor can manage the appointment according to their requirement.
  • Schedule appointment – The doctor can schedule the appointment and plan all schedules properly. Most noticeably, the inquiries at such apps stay genuine as far as possible.
  • Accept /reject appointment – In this feature, the doctor accepts/ reject an appointment request from the patient. For example, doctors are busy with their schedules; they can reject the appointment.
  • Video call – In doctor app contains video calling features. The doctors can communicate with the patient through video calls with these features. The doctor can look at the patient’s symptoms and guide them in a better way for their health issues.
  • Push notifications – For any sudden changes in the appointment, this feature is highly useful. Receive a fast notification, updates and the patient requests an appointment to seek immediate medical attention.

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  • E-cancel – It permits doctors to cancel the prescribed medicine electronically. The doctor can add new medicine to be prescribed to the patient. And simultaneously sometimes remove the old patient.
  • E-prescription – Sometimes position comes like that; the doctor does not make it possible to visit the patient. So the patient did not have the position to visit a doctor at that time, the doctor provided an e-prescription. The e-prescription is where doctors write the medicine they can give to the patient and be protected in the database.
  • Pending list – The list in the e-prescription app keeps the doctors in the loop about how much the patient is pending. Instantly some emergency comes with the doctor at that time, doctor can cancel the request online from the pending list.
  • Dose Calculator – This is an important section in the doctor’s prescription mobile app. The dose is calculated according to the requirement and given to the patient.
  • Create Reports – Here, the features help create reports about the patient/practice. The reports are available in Excel, Word, PDF, or any other file format according to the user’s needs.
  • Patient prescription history – It is an essential feature in doctor prescription app development. It stores all medication prescriptions for patients. It is highly useful for the doctor to look at all data by date, drug name, medicine, and more. In addition, dose history is highlighted in different colors.

Features for caretakers/ nurses panel

In the doctor prescription app, the nurses and caretakers play an essential role. A nurse is a person who takes care of patients and, in-app, helps them manage in a perfect manner.

  • Refill request : – The nurses can send refill requests to the pharmacists that patients require more dosage. The patient needed to be provided to the patients.
  • Medication History – It helps the nurse see all the patient’s history and which medicine is taken or not. All the necessary information about the patient has been provided.
  • Known Allergies – This panel will keep the nurses aware of the known allergies of every patient. Moreover, this will be helpful for nurses at the time of care of patients.
Nurses panel
  • Medication doses – Nurses as well as caretakers have a clear idea about the medication doses given to the patients.
  • Medication Timing and marking – At the time of giving the medication to the patient, the nurses can look timing and mark it. This is a helpful feature for nurses and receives an alert message.
Advanced features

Advanced features

  • Signup – The important advanced feature for the doctor prescription app is signup. It is the first step in the mobile app. Afterward, The users have to enter all personal information. It permits signup with existing social media accounts or mobile numbers.
  • Multiple payment options – The app provides flexibility to users in terms of payment options in these apps. It also provides various ways of payment options like PayPal, e-wallet, credit card, debit card, and many other resources.
  • Appointment reminder – It helps the users and doctor both for reminders of the appointment. Moreover, this gives notification to the doctor and users also.
  • Video call – One of the best features is the video call in the doctor’s prescription app. However, the users can do video calls anytime they need as doctors can help treat the patient.
  • Medical reminders – Advanced functionality is included in the doctor on-demand app to turn into a comprehensive doctor prescription solution. Advanced features where users receive constant reminders what time to take their medicine.
  • Document management – The app also permits the creation, managing, protection, and retrieval of digital documents. Document management systems help to organize all the files and data in one place. However, any users, and doctors, can see the previous prescription at any time they need.
  • Multiple Language – Building various languages in your mobile app will help it appeal to a larger demographic. Users can also select their own language and utilize which helps a lot. All not know English, the app should also support multiple languages.

How much does it cost to develop a doctor prescription reader app?

The perfect cost of developing a doctor’s prescription app depends upon various factors. For example, there are multiple features available in the app. According to the features, the cost is highly dependent. Additionally, many factors can influence the price tag, number of features, design, coding, etc.

Suppose you are ready and decide to develop an on-demand doctor prescription app. First, hire the doctor prescription app development team from Webplanex Infotech. You can also hire a professional developer hourly base, monthly base according to your requirement.

The doctor prescription app development requires a lot of time. However, there are various steps to consider like designing, coding, and testing; multiple things required. Finally, Depending on these factors, a doctor’s prescription app development cost will be around $280 to $25,000. Of course, this is an estimation of the app; the cost depends upon the client’s requirement.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, doctor prescription app development is now required for doctors and users as we live in the digital world. However, Webplanex Infotech has years of experience in this field and know what makes an excellent medical app. Therefore, it is one of the good opportunities for app developers to generate an app.

In addition, the app will take a medical specialist right at the patient’s doorsteps. The article is a detailed discussion about doctor prescription app development from the perspective of a top-notch company. So not wait too much; choose the best one for your doctor’s prescription app development.


What is a Doctor’s prescription app?
Doctor prescription app facilities various patients to take appointments online from the doctor’s mobile app. Finally, any users can see the doctor virtually anytime, anywhere, and get online consultation from the comfort of their home.

What are the benefits of a doctor’s prescription app?
There are countless benefits for doctor prescription apps. In addition to this, it will save lots of time money, and get the best services from any corner of the world.

How much does it cost to develop a doctor prescription reader app?
The cost of app development highly depends upon various factors. There are multiple factors, including designing, coding, testing, etc. In addition, it depends upon the client requirement as you can hire developers on hourly, monthly, etc.

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