The Complete Guide for Car Parking App Development

The Complete Guide for Car Parking App Development

Nowadays we all see the most significant problem is going on around us about parking. Yes/ No. The answer is yes because the highest number of people in malls, airports, railway stations, or any other place suffer from this problem. Car Parking app development is necessary these days. The car parking app development helps to save money, time, and safety.

Presently, since individuals can’t find parking spots. However, more often than not, they figure out how to leave their vehicles in pretty much every corner they find. This not only mess but most of the time hampers the way of the other cars. Thus making them unable to get their vehicles out of the particular area. Car parking app development saves lots of time for car owners, drivers, and many more. The primary purpose is only to locate and book available parking spaces in the area. Moreover, they can also give cashless payments, GPS, and other services.

Additionally, the time has gone when we are frantically searching for free parking spots. Time is the foremost important thing in our day-to-day life. We heartily thank the latest advanced technology for the IT industry that provides us with the best solution. This Car parking app development help to save people valuable time and money. With the use of these mobile apps, the user’s life becomes so easy and safe. Moreover, Users can find the nearby parking place and book them quickly in a suitable manner.

Here Webplanex has come up with a guide to help you develop a car parking app development. So, continue going on reading to learn more about the car parking app.

What is a car parking app?

Car parking app as the word only says that parking a car but with the advanced technology. People can decide or select the parking slot before going to the specific locations. However, this helps and saves lots of time and money for the people. The creation of the car parking app is environmentally favorable.

Working on the car parking

Working on the car parking app

Have you understood what the meaning of the car parking app is? So, now it’s time to know how the car parking app works, so we will move further and learn about the app’s working. However, the users have to understand/ follow some easy steps for reserving the parking space for their car. The apps have made life easier as one can make a booking for a spot before in hand so that there is no wasting of time. Before moving further, there are six steps in using car parking apps. Have a look at these steps.

  • Searching : – First and foremost step is for a user to locate their car on the app with the help of GPS or by entering the name or Zip/postal code of the area they are visiting.
  • Comparing : – The second step of the user’s lookup the parking spots available for them. They will receive all the details from your current location, taking a booking or not, parking charges, and parking spot located in the area. However, using various parameters, users can compare results and select the best one for themselves.
  • Booking : – After this, the next step is for the driver/user to book a selected spot and get a unique QR code to access it.
  • Paying : – The car parking app would permit a completely cashless system; however, it also allows you to pay in cash: the app supports PayPal and all major credit cards and mobile wallets.
  • Driving and Lastly Parking : –

Famous car parking apps

Car parking apps have totally changed the lives of people, where people can easily find parking spots and park their own cars. We all know that our phones can do anything. The most popular car parking app available in the market so far you can look at them.

  • ParkWhiz : – Parkwhiz is an excellent alternative for all small business travelers who are searching for a low-cost parking solution. The app is now available in more than 300 cities, allowing you to sort based on what you are looking for. It lets you compare pricing, reserve, and book parking instantly. Here the customers can use the services to find places to park on a daily or monthly basis or for events. It will also help various companies to manage their employee and customer parking. It’s one of the best car parking apps in 2022.
Famous car parking apps
  • BestParking : – Best parking works by letting users search for parking in the moment of future trips its means in advance. The driver can reserve spaces ahead of time and get a digital parking pass that also saves 50% amount. The Best parking was acquired in 2015 by Park Whiz, the 2nd position on our list.
  • Spot Hero : – Sports hero is one of the most popular Car parking apps available online. It permits you to save up to 50% on ideal places in their thousands of garages. Spot Hero is also known as Parking Panda. Moreover, customers can find, reserve, and pay for a parking spot in the lot of the garage, often at a discounted rate and receive permission to park either via email or through the app itself.

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The services help drivers find hourly, monthly, airport parking, event parking, etc. The sports hero is also available with Apple Carplay. This application offers to book a parking spot in many big cities across the US, Canada, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, and more.

Features of car parking app

Features of car parking app development

Really want to ensure that your application increases the value of a daily commuter’s convenience. To this end, carrying out easy-to-use features is fundamental. Your car parking app shouldn’t only just assist your customers through crowded parking places and identify parking places. However, your customers should be able to do this in a matter of moments.

Ordinarily, there are three significant partners engaged in the improvement cycle.

  • Admin panel
  • User panel
  • Car parking Parker/Driver panel

Car parking app admin panel

The car parking app development admin panel plays a vital role. However, the admin used to manage the operational side of the user and parking owner app. It gives an overview of the app features, functioning, and payment clearance. Help to utilize users’ data and all other activities.

  • Register / Login : – Registration is every app’s first and most crucial step. Every admin in the app has to register or Login into the app by giving all the detail which asked.
Car parking app admin panel
  • Driver Management : – The features permit the admin to manage the driver, see the details uploaded by the driver, and other additional services. Sometimes the admin must delete/add the various driver at that time; this feature is highly preferable.
  • Manage Earning : – The admin will require to manage the payment based on all types of vehicles. It includes cars parked, received payment, deducted cost, and the final payment made to the parking owner.
  • Manage discounts and offers : – The admin can manage the offers and discounts on the car parking bookings. However, these features will help to get more users to the car parking app.
  • Add new Location : – Sometimes, the admin requires adding a new location in the app, so these features need to be added.
  • Parking Area Management : – Here admin manages the parking owner’s activities like registration, applying charges, discounts, etc.
  • Manage Users : – Admin manages all user’s activities like various apps. Users history, transactions made by the user, payment details, etc. This will allow a seamless and hassle-free parking experience.
  • Reports : – Admin has rights to generate reports of all the activities done by the users, owner, etc. These reports help to further if needed.
Car parking app user panel

Car parking app user panel

The user interface will help users search for the parking locations nearby and book with a few finger clicks. However, provide your users a seamless experience by including the various features for your user’s interface.

  • Registration / Login : – The first step for the users is registration/Login on the app by providing the personal details of the users like mail id, mobile number, etc. The users are also permitted to log in/register by using their existing social media accounts.
  • Permit system to track vehicle location: – The car parking app should have built-in features that help users to track their Location. However, the app also allows an estimated distance between their Location and the booked parking steps.
  • Search Option: – Users must find available parking space in some particular area, Location, city, etc. However, the users can search the same as per their needs.
  • Estimated arrival and departure time: – Users will give some estimated arrival time and departure time from the parking slot. However, app owners can charge users based on this as well.
  • Review and Rate: – One of the best features where users have to provide reviews/rates about the app. These features will help to have a maximum number of user engagements. However, this also helps users to book a particular space based on the review and rating.
  • Payment method: – Allow your users to choose the payment method which they’re comfortable with. However, there are various options given in the app, which include cash, card, and other digital payment gateways.
  • Booking instantly: – Sometimes, due to an emergency, the users need to book instantly, so this feature is required to add. So, at the time of this situation, users can book parking.

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  • Parking History: – Features enable users to view their most frequently used parking spot and pay for the same. However, this may help users to use the parking history and book the same spot again.

Car parking app parker panel

  • Social Login / Sign up : The parker must log in to the car parking app using their email id, mobile number or social media accounts.
  • Attach ID proof documents : – The Parker/driver is first allowed to attach the ID proof documents like License, car documents, etc.
  • Receive payment from customer : – The parker/ driver is able to accept and collect all the payments made by the users against parking and pick and drop services. However, this information is later transferred to the admin panel.
  • Check Review and Rating : – The parker can check how their customers are with their services. However, these features are highly helpful for the future for the improvement in the services delivered.
  • Accept/Reject parking request : – The features where the parker accepts/rejects any request from the users depending on the number of parking requests.
Car parking app parker panel
Advanced features of car parking app development

Advanced features of car parking app development

  • Push Notification : – This is one of the best car parking app features that help the admin send out new notifications to the users. In any case, they offer any offer, discount, or any other benefits to the users. However, through this, the users get the latest information about the car parking app and updates on booked parking spaces.
  • Multiple Cities : – The app should permit the users to book parking spots in other cities as well when they are on vacation or on business trips.
  • Vehicle tracking: – The apps include GPS tracking, allowing users to track their vehicle’s location. However, the apps also secure the availability of the right space parking slots for the various users.
  • Heatmap: – One of the advanced features of the car parking app development where it helps users to save time. However, it shows them the traffic on their route. It allows users to make the best decision regarding their visit to any place in a city or outside.
  • Waiting List: – Users put themselves on the waiting list so that if their favorite spot is available, they can get the notification and book it immediately.
  • Multiple language support: – This is one of the advanced and necessary features of the car parking app. Giving your application in various languages is essential, especially if you plan to give services worldwide. However, all users are not perfect with all the languages. Multiple language support will help to attract more customers.

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  • Chat/call support: – Chat/call support is necessary for all mobile applications; therefore, it should integrate with in-app tools. Users can chat or call customer service if any doubt or problem arises. Rather than video calls via phone, this app only permits a call/chat.
  • Tag Location: – This is one of the advanced car parking app development features. This feature allows you to save the area where you have parked the vehicle. Users can share the Location of parking through this messenger or social media.

How much does it cost to develop a car parking app?

If you are wondering how much it costs to develop a car parking app. Then knowing, the cost of developing a car app, like the best parking app, may vary according to the features and elements of various factors. However, you must know what your car parking app should include talking about the cost. The entire cost of developing a car parking app development depends on various factors.

However, the cost of developing a car parking app depends upon the client’s requirements. The cost estimation also highly depends on the hours needed for the development process. This hourly rate also depends upon the Location you select which you are thinking of carrying out your building process. If you want to develop a car parking app finder at an affordable cost, then visit Webplanex Infotech, an award-winning app development company. Take a look at the various factors that decide the cost of the applications.

How much does it cost to develop

Let’s now consider some factors that decide the cost of the Car Parking App development.

  • The location you select: – Location also plays an important role in which Location you select an app development company. Either you can hire full-time app developers or work with freelancers; the per-hour rate may differ according to the region they are working in.
  • Selection of the platform: – The two most widely used popular platforms have to be Android and iOS. You can go with Android app development. If you want your application to land on both platforms, cross-platform app development is something you should consider.

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  • Size of the development team: – If you choose a freelance developer, the cost of developing a car parking app is lower than that of a mobile app development company. Before taking any decision, you should be familiar with every process and minute details of the development process.
  • Integration of the third party: – If the number of third-party integrations required in your app is more, it can affect the development cost of the car parking app. With the third-party integration more skill, the app developer can increase their per-hour rates.
  • Several features: – The number of features included in the car parking app is more the cost to develop an app will also increase if you add more advanced features. If you add essential elements, then the price will be less.

Wrapping up

So, everything you should know about the car parking app development. Before moving further you have to read the whole blog which will be helpful to you in taking the best decision. However, the ultimate results will depend upon your app idea and the efforts of your developer team. Automotive software development is one of the best growing industries. There are many elements to consider and many features to include in a great car parking app development to make it successful. If you are careful from the start, you can get your thought created by our team of specialists. Such a team would have sufficient experience in dealing with such complex applications.

At Webplanex, we have years of experience dealing with the client with the best requirements, demands, and challenging constraints that we have always met. To make a flawless app to help your revenues and profits, enhance your brand’s image and recall value and announce to the world. However, choose Webplanex for your custom car parking app development.

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